Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Well we barely made the rodeo this year!  We rolled in on the last day and as always had a blast!!  We set a record this year.  6 hours!  Yes we were at the rodeo, really just the fairgrounds, for almost 6 hours.  Here are my cowkids all ready to go!

Our usual routine is to get there when the doors open.  While we're waiting for the carnival to start we get in a pony ride and visit the petting zoo.  They both love riding the ponies.  And they hop on and ride like they do it every day. 
I think the entire family is scared of the attacking goats in the petting zoo.  So we typically move towards the smaller guys and then we're ok. 
Then it was time for the highlight of the day...Matt was really excited about Mutton Bustin'.  So Doug signed him up.  Here he is getting ready...
Then we could tell he was terrified.  But he didn't say a word. 
Here he is in the shoot, getting ready!!
And then well, I have to be honest...I think of his group he was the first to fall off.  He didn't like the dirt all in his eyes and mouth when he fell either.  I could see he was holding back tears when they took his helmet off.  I was glad he was brave and tried.  We told him we were proud of him for trying and that got him more excited.  When they walked the kids out at the end, he was smiling and waving as if he won!!  Too cute!!  Maybe we'll try again next year??
Then it was off to ride some rides!!! The faster it was, the louder Marlie screamed.  She loved it all.  Here are a few pics on the roller coasters. 
Then Doug made me go with the kids on the slide, which he knows I don't like.  Last year I think my back was out of whack for a few weeks after this slide.  But it was fun and I'd do it again to hear Marlie scream all the way down!
The kids were excited when we spotted Ashdin and we got to go on a ride with him too!
It was a great day!  Thanks Dad for taking us to the Rodeo!!! Yee-haw!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Thankful for Thursday

Doug and I both took off work on Thursday but unfortunately didn't coordinate too well and we ended up going in different directions.  But we all had fun!!

We were so excited that Hannah spent the day with us.  Matt very proudly told Caden the day before that he and Hannah were going to the zoo.  Like it was a date!  Doug took them and had just as much fun as they did.  You can tell from the pictures that they had a great day! They loved the baby giraffe and baby elephant.  Doug said after 3 hours they were exhausted.  Matt (still recovering from baseball camp) could barely keep up with Hannah!
We finally took Hannah home at 6:30 that night and I wouldn't have cared if she stayed all weekend.  Her and Matt played so well and he was so much calmer than normal!  He even talked in a more quiet voice.  They love to wrestle and played board games.  When Doug told them they could watch a movie they sat right next to each other on the couch.  Too cute!!  Hannah left this cute note for Matt...I love it!
Marlie and I had some errands to run but our prize after our hard work was going to Addison's party at Build-A-Bear. Marlie built a bunny and picked out a cute pink dress and shoes and then named it "Mr. Bunny".  That last only until she got home and brother harassed her about it being a "Mr.".  So now it is Ms. Bunny and they go everywhere together!  Happy Birthday Addison and thank you to the Conner's.  The girls had so much fun!

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Note for Dad

So we are home today and Mom is catching up on chores.  Marlie is down for a nap and Matt is watching some cartoons.  I went to straighten up upstairs because it looked like a tornado had blown through...and found this note on the chalkboard...
Is this the cutest or what? Not to mention that Matt wrote it all by himself.  Doug please be surprised when you see this tonight.  It was just too special not to take a picture and post on the blog.  

Spring Break Baseball Camp!

While everyone else is traveling the country, we are at home for Spring Break!  Doug and I are working but we are still managing to sneak in some fun here and there.

We were excited when Uncle Jay said we could go to Baseball USA for camp.  Caden came with us and even Evan met us there too!  The boys were all very excited.  

I however (no surprise really) was emotional.  This was the first camp where Matt's friends could join him AND the first camp where we would drop them off and leave for the day.  I know that sounds ridiculous but it's a big step for a parent.  I was in tears until we pulled into the parking lot and I saw Joel (Caden's daddy) and John (Evan's daddy).  I figured I better pull myself together or they'll think I'm crazy...which they might already but anyway...so there were all 3 boys.  Cute as could be and super excited. 
Even better that Uncle Jay was working the camp!  It made them feel special that he knew them and gave us parents some comfort that they would be okay! 
So I left, hoping to get hugs and a kiss from Matt.  But Evan looked at me like "lady, I am way too old and cool to be hugging you" and Matt gave me the quickest kiss he possibly could.  I figured at this point I wouldn't embarrass Caden too so he got a pat on the head. 

The boys met other kids and day 2 when I picked them up, they already had another friend that was planning on coming home with us.  Unfortunately I had no idea who he was or where he lived so that plan didn't happen. 
After 3 days they were completely exhausted.  I thought they might have been "baseballed out" but it just got them more excited about playing.  They wanted to come home and play and they are excited to go back to practice.  Thank you Coach Jay for your help!  It was a blast! 

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Good Life

We had a big treat on Saturday night.  We were given great seats from an even greater family to the Rockets game.  As we were there I couldn't stop singing this song by One Republic - The Good Life. 

I knew the seats were going to be good but didn't realize how good until we got there.  We had prepped the kids and they knew this was a special treat too.  They were excited and in check!!

We strolled down to our seats which were right behind the Rockets bench.  Again a reminder to the kiddos that they had to behave or they would kick us out and send us way to the top of the arena!!  We weren't in our seats 5 minutes when the team trainer/doc came over to the kids to bring them goodies.  He gave Marlie a Chuck Hayes bobble head doll and gave Matt NBA wrist bands and a headband.  Could they be more excited?  I don't think so. 

Surprisingly Marlie was good ALL night.  In my last post I mentioned we are struggling with Marlie.  We even half joked that we should take her to see Father Mike to get blessed!!  She was SO good.  She sat for the first half with the bobble head held tight and was in awe...
Matt was pumped.  I would try to talk to him during the game but he was too focused.  He watched the entire first half with eyes on the ball at all times.  He didn't even ask 20 questions.  Just focused.  If you happened to see us on TV, you can see him bobbing back and forth as the game moved from one end of the court to the other. 
And if you thought the kids were excited, you should have seen Doug and I!!!  I'm not sure if I was more excited about the game or watching the players and coaches on the sidelines.  Then the announcer said there was 2 minutes left.  I couldn't believe it.  It felt like we had just got there.  We didn't want it to end!! 

Thank you, thank you...we had such a fun night!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

2011 Watch Out - Marlie Maziur

If you don't have your volume on please turn it up!  We love this song by Taylor Swift but it's 100 times better when Marlie sings it.  And she can sing!!! Every night she makes us sit by the fireplace or on the couch and we have to listen to her.  Most of the time she makes up her own words and she dances too.  Sometimes it's adorable, sometimes it's hilarious and sometimes it's really sweet.  Maybe one day she will be a "Taylor Swift" and I will live vicariously through her since that is my dream job!!!

Marlie is in PreK-3 and is also at SMMCS with her big brother.  She is learning a lot and has really grown.  She used to be shy to start something new but not anymore! She marches right into places like she owns them.  We are going through a tough stage with Marlie right now.  She's feisty (maybe it's that red tint in her hair!) and can get really frustrated.  But she is also very loveable too. 

We are busy with ballet and gymnastics.  She can do a really good bridge all by herself.  Some days she takes it all very seriously and other days she is just a hoot.  I am always approached by all her coaches/teachers with funny stories.  We also spend a lot of time at brother's activities and she is so supportive of him.  She always tells him when he does a good job. 

The best part about a 3 year old is that they say the funniest things.  Here's a few:
  • "Mom I know what anteaters eat.  They eat fire ants for our freedom."
  • When she was sick last week she got up in the middle of the night and told me "Mom I forgot how to sleep."
  • Shortly after that she said she was "wondering how ants kiss".  It was 4:00am so I didn't come up with a good response.
  • At dinner that night I asked her if she figured it out and she said "well I don't know if they lick you a kiss or bite you a kiss."
  • She came out of her gymnastics class Monday to tell me a secret.  She asked "Mom when I get big can I go to work with you?" Then darted back into class and jumped back on the beam. 
  • When we were home sick we were sitting at the table eating lunch.  She put her hand on mine and said "Mom I love you even when I'm sick.  I love you everyday!"  Which I thought...you better because I was up all night!  :) 
We still have a long road ahead of us with Marlie.  And from what I see now, I am already praying for God to give us strength and guidance to make it through the teen years!!!  I see a lot of me in her which is fun, but also scary.  She seems so strong willed but we know how sensitive she is too.  I love how she cares about everything and everyone around her.  I love how she thinks her brother is the greatest person ever.  I love how she gets excited everytime we pull in the driveway and Dad's truck is there.  I love how she tries so hard at ballet and gymnastics.  I love how she gets mad at people for saying "can't" because that's a bad word.  I love, love how she sings and dances like no one is watching.  I love her hazel eyes, freckles and strawberry brown hair!  I love how she always follows me at home trying to be a helper but really isn't.  I love how proud she is every day when she gets happy faces at school.  I love when she gets in trouble and is crying big dinosaur tears but still says "yes ma'am" and "I'm sorry Momma".  I love how she always talks about wanting to go to work with me!!  And I really love when you say God is good, Marlie shouts ALL THE TIME! 

I had to post this pic of Marlie and Hayden on SuperBowl Sunday.  They had so much fun!!