Monday, September 26, 2011

Soccer Saturday

We couldn't wait for Soccer Saturday!  Although I don't have pictures I have a funny, funny story!!

But first let me tell you about Matt's game.  I think he scored 3 goals in the first 5 minutes so he sat out for awhile.  I think he ended up with 6 goals but I'm not certain.  The BEST play though was Matt diving into their goal so that they wouldn't score.  He was a second too late but the effort was unreal. 

Marlie played on the field with Katie, our ringer, so she might have had 2 goals but I think it was actually Katie who kicked them in.  At one point Marlie was playing defense, standing by the other team's goal and she motioned like an umpire calling someone safe and said "this goal is not open".  When the other team did score she ran back to the center of the field, looked at the sidelines and with hands on hips, scrunched down and a mad face said, "This is not funny!".  I have no idea why she said that but all you could hear was laughter from our sidelines.  Oh my!!! 

I will "try" to get some of these things on video so I can share them with you.  Doug and I are LOVING this!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Soccer is Here Baby!

There is so much to say and so much excitement around this topic that I don't even know where to start! For sure our favorite part of the week is Saturday morning when BOTH of the kids have their soccer games.  Doug and I look forward to it all week! 

Let's start with Matt...we have our entire team back from last year with one new addition.  Doug and Joel are coaching and although we got stuck with prisoner orange uniforms, we're making the best of it and we are the Dynamo!  Our first scrimmage was a bit rough.  They had a kid who was awesome and we couldn't stop him.  But we had our first game yesterday and the boys (ALL of them) did great!  Almost everyone scored.  Matt scored 14 goals! No joke.  He wanted to score 11 because that's his number this year and he couldn't even believe he scored 14.  It was pretty amazing.  I think Caden scored just as many so I'm pretty sure we won. 

The new highlight this year and is that Marlie is playing soccer too!!  We weren't sure how she would do, but this girl has a lot of fire!!! It's awesome!  Her coach is Coach Greg and Dad helps coach too.  Her BFF Lauren plays on her team and she has met some new girls too.  Some of the girls wanted to be the Fairies and others wanted to be the Ponies so they are the "Fairy Ponies".  We definitely won't make shirts with our team name on them!!  :)

The first scrimmage Marlie played as if she has been playing for years.  She did not score but 4 times she stopped the ball from going in the other teams goal.  She ran up and down the field just like her brother.  And she's fast too!  She would make this sort of "mad" face when the other team scored.  But at our first game yesterday she scored 2 goals!!!  I wish I could describe what happened after she scored.  I'd give anything to have it on camera.  She looked at the sidelines and with a Tiger Woods double fist pump, mouth wide open she screamed like she had scored in a World Cup game.  Then she ran as fast as possible down the field to her coach with her arms straight up in the air.  Everyone was clapping/laughing!  As I'm writing this I'm laughing and crying at the same time!!  It was priceless!! 

Here are a few pictures from the big day...
All of Marlie's friends were out on the soccer fields.  Here is Marlie with Lyla (who was too young to play on our team) and we found Hayden too!
Let the games begin!  Here goes my little Sweet 16!
 Marlie and Lauren!
I saw Marlie standing way across the field giving me the thumbs up!  She did this after she scored too!!  She has so much personality it's unreal!!
We are so proud of both of you!  We don't care how good you do as long as you try your best and you both played your hearts out.  I am so proud of Daddy for working like crazy to coach both of your teams and I'm so proud to be a soccer Mom! We can't wait for next Saturday!!! 

Happy Birthday Matt!

Matt is officially 6!  I got to visit him at school during lunch to celebrate with his class.  The kids all ate ice cream and then they sang Happy Birthday to him on the playground.  It was so fun to see him in this new environment.  This little girl is named Kennedy and she was adorable.  She reminded me of cousin Maggie. 
We "dined" later that night at Matt's choice, Chick-fil-A! Then we came home and had cupcakes from one of our favorite places, Sugarbaby's!  It was a great day!  Happy Birthday Matt!  We love you so much!  We wish we could add some time in between birthdays so it doesn't go by so fast!
Some of Matt's closest friends have also celebrated birthday's recently.  His best friend Caden turned 6 2 weeks before Matt.  We all had so much fun at his baseball party!  Here are the boys - Samuel, Matt, Evan & Caden!  And Marlie looked SO cute when it was her turn to bat!!  She did great! Happy Birthday Caden!
And just a few weeks after Matt turned 6, Hannah turned 7!!  The kids had so much fun at her cooking party at Chefs2b! They made pizza and cupcakes and loved eating it all! 
At church a few weeks ago I had this vivid flash in my mind of Matt and Hannah standing at the front of the church getting married!!  I know it's probably wishful thinking but it was so real! So any chance I have, I snap pictures of them together.  Matt is always shy about it but look at his smile!  I love these 2 shots!!! Happy Birthday Hannah!