Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Matt's 7th Birthday!

Matt just loves his birthday.  He counts down the days and is already talking about things we can do for next year!  But I told him this year that we weren't going to have anymore big parties.  We decided he could take a few friends to the Astros game so that's what we did last Saturday.  It seems like 8/31 was so long ago but Matt was happy to have another day to celebrate...Matt! 

We had lunch and cupcakes at the house before heading down for the game.  Matt was very excited that Caden, Cole, Micah and Evan could join us. And Marlie loved being with all the boys!
The boys enjoyed the first few innings.  They cheered loudly for Scott Moore and he looked back and waved at the boys.  He later hit a home run and they went crazy.  They cheered random things like "Pirates eat pizza" and "Pirates are nerds".  A quick reminder that they are only 7! I'm not sure at times if they were cheering or heckling but they were having fun. 

At some point the fun of the game wore off so I quickly got out the fun dip...what kid doesn't love fun dip and it keeps them focused for awhile.  But then it was off to the play area which they loved WAY more than watching the game!
They got to race this large moving figure from 3rd base to home and then they got to swing at shooting water. 
Back to the game and a few more shots of sugar, then it was time for the kids to run the bases.  The boys ran so fast that I couldn't get a good shot. 
Overall it was a great day.  Next year I might just take the boys to the playground and that will likely work for them!  Happy Birthday Matt!  We love you!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Soccer Stars!

I thought Soccer Saturdays couldn't get any better until 2 weeks ago when Marlie just rocked it at her soccer game.  I'm not sure what happened but it all just clicked in the 2nd quarter.  She went crazy and scored 7 goals! She was dribbling like crazy from one end of the field to the other and once she shot it in at an angle.  And if that wasn't enough...she ran down the other team when they were on the breakaway and kicked the ball out of least 4 times.  The only time they scored was when she was out of the game.  She looked just like Matt and we couldn't believe it!  She was pumped and even did a special move.  It sort of looked like the "Superman" but a tad different.  She said it was "break it up" whatever that means! 

We weren't sure what happened that game but didn't know if we'd see a performance like that EVER again.  But last week she did great again.  Maybe 5 goals and less blocked shots but it was still awesome.  She is having a blast and Doug, Matt and I couldn't be more proud!
So how about Mr. Matt?  Well those boys have won their last 2 games maybe 20ish to 0 and 20ish to 1.  And that's because Coach Dan told them not to score goals towards the end of the game.  The plays these boys make are incredible.  Matt probably has had 5-6 goals in each of the last two games.  The best play though was Matt's corner kick to Cole and Cole knocked it in the goal from the outside.  I was so shocked, that I actually didn't cheer...and usually I'm yelling through the entire game.  The other super cute moment was after one game, Matt apparently got all 4 boys that were playing with him to do "the salute" at the end of the game.  There has been lots of celebrating after goals and you can't blame the boys for doing it.  They have perfected the chest bump, side bump, back bump...whatever you can think of! 
We were so glad that Papa and Nona Lisa got to watch a great show this past weekend.  The kid's sure did do their best to make sure they lived up to the hype!! 


Friday, September 14, 2012

Soccer Saturdays are Back!

I can't put into words how much I love Soccer Saturdays.  I think it's special because we play on teams with friends, Doug and I are both so involved and the kids love it. 

Last weekend we had our first scrimmage.  Marlie was up first at 8:00am! Last year her season was a bit rocky so we've been getting real excited about this year.  We weren't sure which Marlie would show up for the game but the feisty one did and it was awesome!

Marlie is on the Fairy Ponies again with Coach Greg and Coach Dad.  She has lots of friends and new classmates from our school on her team.  I'm pretty sure we got beat 20ish to zero in our scrimmage but our team definitely wins the cute award!  Marlie almost scored twice (I was standing by the goal on one of them and had to fight the urge to kick it in!) and blocked two goals on defense!  She was running like crazy and not afraid to get up in the mix.  She likes playing defense and most of the time you will find her blocking the goal.  She takes that very seriously!
And to be honest, the girls probably enjoy sitting and eating their snacks the most! Here are Marlie and Mallory.  The color of their hair is gorgeous.  They are just too cute! I doubt they were even talking about soccer. 
 Thanks to Coach Greg and Coach Dad for being so great with these girls! Marlie we are so proud of you for doing your best!
Then at 2:00 it was the debut of the Sharks! Most of our group is back with a few new kids.  On the way to the game Matt said, "Dad when I score my first goal I'm doing the airplane"...
I likely had the biggest smile on my face when he scored and I saw this.  And I'm so thankful that Millie took this picture as I was way too excited to try to take shot.  The boys played well and ran hard.  They are on bigger fields this year so they are going to have to learn to work together to move the ball down the field.  I was so proud of them.  Matt scored 6 or 7 goals and was happy as could be.  Coach Dan pulled Matt out towards the end of the game to rest and Matt was not happy! He wouldn't sit down or grab a drink...just stood by his coach waiting to go back in. 
What makes me so proud of Matt is that he tries SO hard at everything.  He is not the best athlete on the field, but works the hardest.  He is not the smartest kid in class, but tries the hardest.  He would be into trouble just like all the other boys but does everything in his power to behave...and I know it's not easy for him.  I am thankful that God is watching over him and helping us to shape him. 

My new favorite numbers are #1 and #17.  There is no question where you will find me on Saturday mornings.  You will likely hear me from where you are cheering for these super cool kids.