Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summertime fun!

I am having to put a smile on my face and change my attitude to write this blog post.  We made it through June and I am completely exhausted.  We run nonstop to camps and work and I just wish I had a week to sit at home with the kids and do nothing!

Although managing a new camp every week is challenging, the silver lining is that the kids get to do and learn some neat things.  The first week they went to zoo camp and learned about lots of animals. I like for them to do 1 camp in the summer where they don't know anyone and have to make friends.  This was the one and they did great. They were exhausted by Friday and passed out on the way home. 

Last week the kids went to music camp.  Ms. Kristi, our guitar teacher and Ms. Anne who teaches piano put this camp together.  It was in our neighborhood with all neighborhood kids.  The kids LOVED it!  On Thursday they had a recital and I had so much fun watching the kids who had been taking lessons for awhile and the kids who were rookies.  Ms. Anne asked Matt to play this piece last minute because she liked it...and I did too! 
He also played with 2 other boys that have been doing lessons and he thought that was tons of fun.  He helped Garrett, my friend Stephanie's son learn to play Twinkle Twinkle in just 4 days.  Matt said he was proud of him and I think he really enjoyed helping.  Maybe he will do the same with his sister???

Marlie worked on the guitar some but focused on voice lessons.  For the recital she sang part of a song from The Little Mermaid.  It was less dramatic than she usually sings at home!  She absolutely LOVED singing in front of a crowd! Too funny!
Marlie also played (and sung of course) the first line to Twinkle Twinkle.  Then all the kids sang "My Favorite Things" and "Yellow Submarine".  They all had a blast and I'm so thankful to Ms. Kristi for doing this! 

Marlie's birthday was June 11th.  The kids had the option of having a birthday party or going to San Diego this summer so they chose the latter.  So for Marlie's birthday we went to dinner at her choice, Chick-Fil-A and then to Tutti Frutti.  She got to take 2 friends along.  It was one of the best birthdays ever.  The girls had a blast!  Here's their performance after a cup of froyo...
These girls are too stinkin cute!
My boss gave me his great seats to the Astros game so Matt and I went with my coworker and friend Amy and her son James to the game.  Matt LOVED it!  And honestly I think he loved the game more than the access to all you can eat jelly beans!
And he's been dying to see the Angels because he loves Mike Trout.  He wears #27 in baseball because of him. A few months ago Matt got out the Astros schedule and figured out when the Angels were in town.  He's been saving his money ever since so Dad bought tickets.  We have been so busy with baseball so Marlie and I decided to stay home so she could have her first sleepover.  The boys invited Big Matt and Logan to go with them and they had the time of their lives.  Not only did each of the boys get a ball from the Angels pitcher, but just before the game Mike Trout (yes don't freak out) came to the side and signed both of the boys baseballs! I'm not sure if the boys or the Dads were more excited.  Then the boys were also on the big screen at the game for the Squeeze Play. What I loved most is that the boys didn't get home until after midnight...Matt turns on the light in my bedroom and jumps on the bed and tells me the whole story.  Then Doug tells it again because he's so excited too.  I'm so glad we all had a great night!
Prayers for the rest of the summer that we can somehow experience peace in all this chaos!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Last Day of School

I cannot believe another school year has come and gone!  And everyone is so excited about the summer, but when you're a working Mom, it's the hardest time of the year.  We will be exhausted from running around by the end of it but we look forward to a great trip with the Hatters before school starts back up! 

FCE doesn't have Kinder graduation but the kids put on a wonderful performance!  This year it was a Texas theme and they performed the cutest songs.  As usual, Marlie loved being onstage in front of lots of people!
One of the songs they performed was the Hokie Pokie.  It was the cutest HP I've seen that went hip hop half way through.  Marlie was so cute shaking her hips!

Afterwards we went back to the classroom to say our goodbye's.  Here is sweet Alaina with Marlie. 
And of course it was hard to say goodbye to Mrs. Grady.  I am so glad both of my kids had her as their Kinder teacher.  Marlie gave her a big hug and then as we started to leave she started crying big dinosaur tears.  So we went back to give Mrs. Grady one last hug.  Thank you Mrs. Grady for 2 great years!
 On our way out we got to see Lauren and Celia and snap one last picture as Kindergartners!
Matt had a big awards ceremony the day before school ended.  He brought home not only 1 but 2 awards!  His classroom award was for "always getting the class involved in an activity".  I told him that was a great award because it shows leadership!!  Matt also got the award given to 1 student in 1st grade for "Outstanding Achievement in PE"!  This is hilarious because anytime you ask him his favorite subject it's PE or when you ask him about school, it's always about what happened in PE.  Plus Matt loves Coach James and we are so sad that he is leaving FCE next year.  Luckily we will still see him at gymnastics as he runs the boys team there. 
Matt was also one of the few younger students to be in the school video.  They did a "lip dub" to the song "Home" and it turned out really good.  It should be posted at this link soon  Happy Summer to all!