Sunday, July 22, 2012

ATM Baseball Camp

I am still without a camera and thus the reason for not many posts this summer.  Although we have sub par pictures from baseball camp at ATM I have to publish them because the boys had so much fun...well eventually!

Matt and Caden couldn't wait for ATM baseball camp.  We got the schedule and when we told Matt it was going to be baseball from 8:00am until 9:00pm he screamed so loud and went crazy.  He counted down the days. 

Day 1 - we toured the new baseball facility which was just incredible.  As we were outside we realized how incredibly hot it was. 

So we went inside.  The boys got their gear and we got to see the locker room.  They thought it was pretty neat and so did we!
Then it was time for camp to start.  They huddled in the dugout first.  This is the calm before the storm.
At about 2:30pm all the campers then met in center field for introductions and their first lessons.  We watched the temperature on the score board climb from 99 degrees to 104 degrees.  The boys sat listening until 4:00 when they broke for dinner.  At that point Caden said, "this is the worst camp I've been to".  We couldn't help but laugh because it was so amazingly hot and these little men are not used to sitting for over an hour.  They just want to play!

But they came back from dinner and starting swinging bats.  They were happy again.  At the end of each day there was a wiffle ball game and that was the most exciting part for Matt.  He and Caden were on opposite teams so that made it interesting.  This was how each game ended.  Matt is at the bottom somewhere buried under his teammates. 
We were so impressed how well the camp was run and how great all the coaches and instructors were.  Despite the heat it went very well.  The head coach at ATM did a lot of the big group instruction and then threw live pitching to ALL the boys on the last day.  We all thought that was pretty neat.  You can see Matt's at bat in this video...
We will go back again and hopefully bring a few more friends.  We'll have to pray for cooler weather too.  Matt and Caden we are so glad you had fun and are proud of you for hanging in there! Since we've been home Matt hasn't taken off his ATM hat and has been playing "wall ball" inside the house nonstop.  I guess that's what touch-up paint is for!