Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Smart Babies

I know everyone thinks their kids are the smartest ever and well, I do too. Now I'll be honest, our dog Hannah, not the brightest but she's so sweet that you can't help but love her.

Marlie was singing on the way to school (as we normally do) but she was singing on her own this time and after about 30 seconds I realized it was Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star!!! Then tonight in her bath she said her ABC's....not it wasn't perfect, but she hit almost every letter and then drifted off until the "sing with me" at the end. She is fabulous.

Matt and I had the best conversation the other day, also on the way to school. It went something like this:

Matt: Mom I told Gerry (friend at school) that I have a motorcycle at home
Mom: Matt you don't have a motorcycle
Matt: But I want one
Mom: Sweetie sorry to break it to you but you won't ever have a motorcycle because they are too dangerous and I don't want you to get hurt
Matt: But I like dangerous things Mom
Mom: Oh you do? (Matt typically screams like a girl when he falls or is scared so that comment is hilarious and SO untrue)
Matt: Yes. Mom I will promise to be careful and will wear a helmet with a mask over my face
Mom: I'm sorry sweetie -not gonna happen
Matt: Well I have an idea. What if I ride on the front and you ride on the back? Is that a good idea Mom?
Mom: You want me to ride your motorcycle with you?
Matt: Yea
Mom: And you will take care of me and make sure I don't get hurt?
Matt: I will take care of you Mom

So there you have it. My gorgeous son will one day be on his Harley with his Mom hugging him tightly as we ride along!

Sorry no pictures. It's been a busy month recovering from Christmas, catching up with work, trying to put a T-Ball team together with kids from our neighborhood, planning a vacation (not until May but I'm counting down the days, planning a girls trip, getting Marlie signed up for gymnastics, etc. Might be out for awhile but will return of course with other great stories! Stay tuned!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Santa Claus is coming to H-town!

We finally made it back to Houston and guess what? Santa came while we were gone!! I think by this time the kids were actually tired of presents but Matt was pretty excited about his bike and Marlie was excited about...well Matt's Handy Manny tool set. So she likes balls, cars and now tools. HELP! She kinda like her 4-wheeler but is still a little nervous.

Grandpa spent some time with us and bought Matt batting gloves for Christmas. Matt wore them ALL day. Uncle Jay has officially moved to Houston. We can't believe it. Nene finally came home and the kids were so excited to see her. We had a low key New Year's Eve but had fun lighting a few fireworks with Matt in the backyard. Happy New Year!

Party Time

While we were in SA we were also were lucky enough to spend time with our old friends and their little ones. We ended up partying with the Hatters, the Zunkers, the Browns and the Klinkseiks too! These are friends we've known since kindergarten, 3rd grade, junior high and high school! We met at Papa and Nona Lisa's Preschool Gym and had a blast. The kids are so beautiful and it's so neat to see them playing together. Now if we only all lived on one block with white picket fences! I'm not sure why I didn't take pictures of the adults. Next time I will for sure! Here are my babies with their friends. Take a peek at the slideshow too!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas in San Antonio

So we celebrated Christmas again in San Antonio with family. Matt was the grinch at Gram's house until he started opening gifts. Here are Matt and Marlie with all their cousins waiting patiently...Then it was Christmas at Papa and Nona Lisa's house and thankfully Matt was in a better mood. We had a blast and Matt was SO excited about his stable and horses. It was the hit gift and Matt shared his horses with Marlie and let his cousins play too. The Hannah Montana wigs were a big hit too. I have a picture of Papa with one on but he might kill me if I post it. It might ruin his "GQ" image!! Marlie had fun opening others people's gifts. Mostly Baby T's and luckily he's young enough not to care. She is a real gem that Marlie. Chatty Kathy...really starting to talk a lot now. Her favorite phrases are "come on, let's go", "watch out Momma" and "what doing?". She has said both "thank you momma" and "I love you momma" recently without being prompted which melted my heart!