Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Prince Matt & Princess Marlie

The day after Marlie's b-day party we went to Avery's Princess party. Avery's Mom Heather did an amazing job decorating and the kids had a blast! They dressed up and I got some cute pics. Marlie is wearing part of the princess outfit Avery got her for her b-day. However, she refused to wear the top! Yes, only 2 and already knows what she wants or should I say doesn't want. Scary. Anyway, so we pulled out her gymnastics leotard and she was very excited to wear her butterfly wings that she got from the Carey girls for her b-day. So a butterfly princess I guess? That works if it stops the dinosaur tears from rolling down her face!

I love their expressions here. Marlie is wondering what he's up to now and you can obviously tell Matt is up to no good.
Well she's laughing thank goodness. I guess he knew he was being watched!

Marlie is Two!

My baby girl is 2! I can't believe it. We celebrated lots over the past week. It started with a little party at Marlie's school on the big day - June 11th. Butterfly cupCAKES were the hit of the party and Marlie loved the attention. I think she gets plenty from her teachers but Mom, Dad and Nene were there too and she took it all in!
Then Saturday we had the real party at Gymboree! It was so nice to have all of Marlie's friends there. Even better is most of her little friends happen to have older brothers and they were all on the Tball team this year. So the boys had fun too! It is so nice to see the kids having so much fun... and I guess the adults had fun too!

Kids just LOVE bubbles don't they? Maybe we should lock all 2 year olds up in a room with a bubble blower until they are 3! That's a good way to avoid the terrible two's that we seem to be in right now!

Here's the whole crew. The teacher said she would get them all to sit for the picture and she did it! But she made this horrible sound with a duck blower and so they all look scared! At least you can see them all! There are more pics of all the kids in the slideshow! Check it out! Thank you God for such a wonderful week!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

10 Year Anniversary

This blog is about our tiny humans but we wouldn't have these beautiful people if it weren't for Doug and I right? So I just wanted to thank all of our family and friends who have supported us along the way. We started dating in the Fall of 1993 (our senior year in high school) and last Friday celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary!

You all will probably laugh at this but we did something we haven't done in years......we went and saw a movie!!! The last time we actually were in a movie theater was before Matt was born and he's almost 4! It was awesome...on the way to the movie tavern Doug told me about the Dave Matthew's station he discovered on satellite radio and the song playing now is what happened to be playing! Then we had drinks and ate DURING the movie (so neat) and laughed so hard the entire time.

Doug bought us tickets to see Coldplay in July which I am SO excited about and I bought him a massage so he can enjoy some peace and quiet on Father's Day! We are so lucky to have each other (although we don't always realize that) and to have our beautiful, wild and crazy kids.

Thank you God for making this all happen. Life hasn't always been easy but with support from those around us and a little help from the man upstairs we made it!

Here's a funny pic from when we went to dinner to celebrate on our trip!