Friday, October 26, 2012

Marlie is Back...and I Have Proof!

So Marlie played really well at her soccer game last week and I captured it on video just in case we never see this again! She scored 5 goals and had 2 others that almost made it in.  There was no crazy dancing like in the first game but she was still very excited. It was fun to watch for sure...
Matt's team actually lost which is a big change from our 20 to 0 wins!  We lose to these kids every year.  They play soccer year round and like our kids have been playing together for awhile.  I think we might have lost by 3 goals and Matt had 2 that hit the goal post.  His friend Cole was wide open for another 2 goals and he got ran down at the last minute.  It was a good game and the boys tried hard and never gave up.  I tried to video the game but the field is so much bigger and the boys game is so fast.  I will try again this week but don't hold your breath! 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Few Firsts

Last weekend Marlie had her first sleepover!  She was so excited to spend the night at her friend Emilie's house.  She asked me every morning if it was "the nigh"t for about a week.  She wasn't nervous at all and honestly I wasn't either.  At anyone else's house I might have sent a list of instructions, but Emilie's Mom, Melissa was Matt's PreK-4 teacher.  If she can handle a room full of 4 & 5 year olds every day, I figure she can probably handle Marlie for a night! 

Melissa said the girls almost fell asleep at 9:00 and then started chatting and were giggling and delirious until midnight! They were up early Sunday and had fun playing on the "four wheeler".  Now Marlie wants one for Christmas and is trying to talk Matt into asking for it too!! Thanks Melissa for having Marlie over!
And although Mom did not agree to it, Matt is playing select baseball this year and the boys had their first tournament! The team is the Humble Hooks and Matt is playing first base.  I think it's a lot of baseball but he loves every minute of it.  It's a great group of kids and parents too and I will enjoy watching every minute of it.  Dad has done a great job taking Matt to all his practices, helping coach and keeping up with the details of it all. 
The boys won 1 game at their first tournament which is pretty good.  Some of those teams have been playing all fall and we're just playing in a few tournaments this season.  I guess next spring we will play more often.  It's amazing how hard these 7 year olds play and how good they are. 

And yes we are still playing soccer.  We got rained out one weekend and then Matt had a buy week.  This weekend M&M played at the same time so we all, including Nene, were switching fields during the hour.  Matt's team was on fire, as usual.  Both Matt and Caden scored on corners! I missed both as I was at Marlie's game but would have paid lots of money to see that.  7 year olds scoring from a corner kick?  Amazing. 
My little Marlie went back into soccer hibernation.  She's still playing great defense but won't get out of the goal??? I'm not sure what happened because she was on fire for 2 games.  She went from shoving people out of her way to not attacking the ball??? We hope to see her back in action.  We know now that she CAN do it if she WANTs to and she seems to love going out to practice and games.  We'll have to take deep breaths and hope she comes back!! We'll keep you the mean time I will have my video camera in hand just in case!