Sunday, October 13, 2013

Soccer Season!

If you've kept us with this blog you know that I LOVE soccer season.  The Sharks and the Fairy Ponies are back!

Let's start with Matt...the Sharks are back with a few new faces.  They play real soccer this year - 7 on 7 with a goalie.  So not as many goals as last year and the games have all been competitive.  We've tied 2 and won 2.  Matt is doing great.  He's scored I think 6 goals already and has had quite a few close shots.  This first game was SO hot and he was exhausted by the 4th quarter.  But he works so hard and gets so excited for his teammates when they score.  I think that's my favorite part.

The boys are proudly wearing their pink wristbands this month!
 The dynamic duo...they are still warming up but I'm waiting for these 2 to start tearing up the field.  
Matt played goalie the first game and loved it.  He did great.  But he played yesterday and it didn't go so well.  They scored 2 on him and he fell apart...partly because he said he had to go to the bathroom really bad so we barely made it after the quarter. 
He scored right after this.  Such a strong and powerful shot over the goalie's head.  He had no chance to even try to react. 
So now onto the Fairy Ponies...what to say...well we are not so good to be honest.  It's not due to a lack of effort...we're just not as fast and aggressive as the other teams.  But we are cute!
We got killed the first game.  The girls were so frustrated.  At one point Marlie screamed on the field, "I'm so frustrated!" and started crying. Who is this kid? She was not the only one. She started making the karate chop sound every time she kicked the ball. Then the girls started faking injuries.  It was so pathetic that it was kind of funny.  Marlie finally scored and was still crying after.  Look how mad she is in these pics. 
 This one she's crying while throwing the ball in. 
So we hoped the next game would be better.  But we got killed again.  Luckily though not so bad. A couple of fun things to note though...Marlie is rocking it.  She is the primary goal scorer for her team.  I think she scored 2 goals this game.  The girls fought hard and didn't get so mad and I was so proud of them.  Mrs. Edson was also proud of them too.  Get this...of the 11 girls on the team, 6 are in the same class!  We are so lucky to have Ms. Edson as our teacher.  It was so sweet of her to come to the game and it really helped the girls. Marlie would look and make sure she was watching before she kicked the ball off.  Thank you Ms. Edson for coming to the game!
Game 3 I think we actually won!  Marlie had 5 goals!  Can you believe that?  I am so proud of her.  She is fast and aggressive and a great ball handler.  Sydney passed a perfect ball to Marlie and she kicked it right in.  This is their victory walk back.  Marlie leaps down the field after her goals, it's awesome! What even amazes me more is that with the soccer year, Marlie is one of the youngest on the field. Matt is lucky that he falls in the year that he is the oldest on his team.  So some of these girls are almost a year older than Marlie and a lot of them are much bigger but she's keeping up with them!
Mostly though Marlie just loves being out there with Dad and seeing all her friends.  I keep singing "this girl is on fire" to Marlie and man is she.  I think she may have learned a thing or two from watching Matt the last few years!