Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

We hope everyone had a happy Easter!  We had a great time in San Antonio with our friends and family.  We started Saturday morning off with a trip somewhere with all the kids.  We worked on something for our Mom's for Mother's Day so I will have to post pictures later so we don't ruin the surprise for Aunt Dawn and Aunt Dani. 

Saturday evening we spent with the Hatters and the Zunkers.  The Hatters moved and we were excited to see their new house.  The kids were excited to see their new pool!  The kids all ended up getting in and were absolutely frozen, but had big smiles on their faces! Luckily Hayden had a brand new bathing suit to loan to Marlie so they could match!!
 Here are Davis and Marlie...she just loves these boys!
 And Cale and Marlie.  This picture is so cute it makes me laugh!
And these handsome men...Parks and Matt.  Matt loves hanging out with Parks.  Wish we loved in the same place so I could watch them play ball together.
The Dads that let them swim...watching the kids closely!  :) 
It was so nice to see you guys and we love the Hatter's new house! 

After lots of partying Saturday night we woke up so tired that the kids didn't spot their Easter baskets for awhile.  When they did they were excited to see that the Easter bunny brought them what they had given up for lent.  Matt - soda and Marlie - chocolate. 
We got dressed and headed to a very long Easter mass.  The kids looked so cute but it was so sunny and I didn't get a great picture.
Then it was off to Gram's for the big Easter egg hunt!  The kid's had fun finding eggs and then swimming in the freezing water again!

Friday, April 6, 2012

School Daze

I am so proud of both kids!  They are working so hard in school and we have gotten such good feedback from their teachers. 

The first line in Matt's assessment was "Matt is an independent student who completes work showing his best effort."  This meant so much to me as we try so hard to teach the kids to give 100% no matter what they're doing.  Mrs. Grady said he helps her in class and works hard.  He is 1 of 3 kids in his class who gets to do research on a topic and then prepares a presentation for the class.  He is reading very well and even got an award for reading 25 Caldecott books! 
Matt was student of the week a few weeks ago and we had fun putting this poster together with pictures of all his family and friends.  Matt we are so proud of you for working so hard and mostly behaving in school! 

Marlie is doing so well too!  She has started reading already!  Mrs. Lisa said she loves having her in class and can always count on Marlie to give the right answer...sometimes before she's even finished the question!! Marlie got the award for "Best Personality" and also got a "Star Student" award, both of which she was VERY proud.  If you've been around her she's probably told you about it. 
Marlie loves school but has asked me a few times if I could please teach her at home!  She is the perfect student but the 2 times she has been in trouble she went all out!!  One time she "mooned" someone during nap time and the other time she whacked another little girl.  YIKES!  It's that red better watch out!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We made it to the Superbowl!

Pretty funny...last weekend our football team made it to the Superbowl.  We lost by 2 points but we never thought we'd make it there so the kids were excited anyway!  They got a medal and Matt was sure only the second place team got medals! Gram and Papa Howie drove up for the big event and Nene was there too.  We all cheered Matt on! 
Matt also got a medal last week for being "honest".  I'm not really sure exactly what he did to earn that but he was very excited so we will be too!
It was nice to have all the Dads pitch in to help coach.  Coach Doug, Coach Joel and Coach Dan all helped and we all laughed a lot.  Once because Doug told the ref he should throw a flag because the other team's coach had shorts on that were too short, another time when Doug got on Coach Dan, walked onto the field and Coach Dan proceeded to yell and throw his hat on the field.  I love these guys! 
Here are some final shots from the season.  Matt can't wait to play again next year, but for now...we are full speed ahead in baseball world and that is so much fun too!