Friday, September 9, 2016

Carolina Creek Christian Camp

Well I tried to convince the kids to try a different camp this year but Matt wouldn't have it. And when we arrived the first day I knew why. As we were driving down the hill to the cabins there were all of Matt's previous counselors, all yelling "hey Matt" and high-fiving him. He had the biggest smile on his face. He was lucky to have a lot of his baseball team with him again and this year they got the Tiger cabin!! The counselors said they'd heard all summer about "the baseball boys" and couldn't wait for them to get there. Well here we are!!
Now you know Marlie and she'd be happy no matter where she was! But this year was special because there were 4 girls that went to camp together! Lauren and Maylen joined Marlie and Khloe and Marlie was super excited! Hello Elephant cabin!
I'm not sure any of the kids were sad to see us leave!! And honestly it's the first time I've left them and felt comfortable. A week with these amazing college kids that love the has to be good. Of course we still waited and waited each night for pictures to post. This year the boys were not camera shy and we saw tons of pictures of Matt. Not near as many of the girls and we were a little nervous at times. 
I love pick up...after a week without my kiddos, I can't wait for the big hugs, stories, watching them sing their new songs and seeing the bond between them and their counselors. They both had a great week! This year Matt got the Integrity award and Marlie got the Enthusiastic Award. I'm pretty sure she got that one last year too. That pretty much sums up Marlie!

I am beyond grateful to all of the wonderful counselors Matt & Marlie have had and had this year. I can't thank you enough for all your hard work and a wonderful week. Nate & Trevor, y'all are why Matt insisted on coming back! Megan, Marlie was thrilled to see you again this year! You are gorgeous inside and out. And I feel so blessed that my kids got to spend this amazing week with so many wonderful friends. God is Good!

Friday, September 2, 2016

C2 Baseball World Series & Aggie Camp

Our C2 Baseball team ended the year with a World Series here in Houston, TX and man it was hot! I'm not sure how those boys played multiple games every day in that heat but they powered through it. Some of the parents watched the games from an indoor, air conditioned area which was so wonderful and so wrong all at the same time! 

The boys really enjoyed the skills competition the first day. Matt got to participate in the team base running with Dylan, Caden and Brian. Then he got to cheer on his teammates in the home run derby, hardest throw and around the horn competition. 
The boys started off the tournament a little slow. They faced a few majors teams and fought hard but couldn't pull off a win. Sunday they came alive and played well! I was proud that over the tournament Matt got to play almost every position and did well at all of them. I'm thankful he's had the opportunity to see the game from multiple perspectives and I think he was thankful he didn't have to wear the catchers gear all day in the heat!
A big thank you to these guys for doing such a great job coaching these boys all year. Especially to Dad because well...he's our Dad and is always running around with the kids after coming home from work! 
Matt was really excited this summer to go back to baseball camp at ATM. He got to go with Dylan and Caden and they spent a couple of nights in the dorm. We were super excited when we checked in that the boy's coaches were former C2 or San Jac players! The boys had a lot of fun, learned a lot about baseball and had fun playing pranks in the dorm! Caden told his Mom before checking out at the end of camp that she probably shouldn't come up to the room because she might have a heart attack. So I decided not to go and I'm glad I didn't. Doug said he's never seen anything like it! Hopefully they learn to be cleaner before they go off to college!