Friday, March 23, 2012

Boots & Bling!

The rodeo is always a fun trip for all.  Great Uncle Tony & Aunt Ruth were in town and insisted that the kids couldn't go to the rodeo without boots.  Matt loves his brown boots with blue stitching and Marlie said she loves the "bling bling" on her boots.  She even talked my aunt into buying the matching belt!!  They looked adorable.  Thank you so much for taking the kids to buy their boots.  They love them!! 
I'm not sure why but I think Matt looks gorgeous with his cowboy hat on!  I always want to tear up.  Maybe because he looks so much older.  I thank God daily for my healthy and beautiful children! I just wish we could slow down the clock.   
It was off to the fairgrounds!  The kids are probably getting a tad old for the kid's carnival but we decided Marlie wasn't quite ready for the big rides so we stayed with our usual routine.  A ride on the carousel and on the ponies...
Then off to the big slide!  I was so happy that Matt could help Marlie and I didn't have to go!  He carried her sack all the way up the stairs and made sure she was okay at the bottom.  Marlie was smart enough to hold her hat all the way down!
Doug took the kids to the petting zoo while I waited in line.  Marlie just loves the animals.  I think she could hang out here all day!
We waited 45 minutes to ride this ride but it was worth it because Marlie said it was her favorite. I don't think we waited that long at Disney World!!
Marlie loved this little roller coaster.  I think after the "rock your world" roller coaster at Disney that this was not too exciting for Matt!

And then, unlike all prior years, we stayed for the REAL rodeo!! We were so excited that we got to sit right up close.  As soon as I explained to Matt each event and that this was a sport, he was excited! 
We got to see Train in concert which was pretty neat too.  Both kids love "Hey Soul Sister".  When they played "Save Me San Francisco", Marlie jumped out of my lap and started singing and dancing.  It was one of those hilarious moments that we are getting used to with Marlie.  This time it was 1% embarrassing and 99% awesome.  I heard everyone around us saying "oh look at that little girl".  I wish I had it on video!
It was a long day but we all sang all the way back to the car.  It was about 5 minutes before they were passed out in the car.  What a wonderful day!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Are You Ready for Some FOOTBALL??

Matt has been wanting to play football for about a year now.  It seems we always have something going on so we weren't sure how to fit it in.  So Doug found a casual winter league and we are up and running.  The boys practice on Saturday mornings and play right after.  Doug said he would "help" coach but I think now he is officially the offensive coordinator.  Both my boys love it! Here's our little team that includes Matt's great friends, Caden and Cole.
This is a flag football league as you can see.  I am VERY much against boys this young playing tackle football when they can have just as much fun playing flag football.  This league is 6-8 year olds and these three fall on the young end but do just fine. 

Matt loves playing defense and is typically the first to get to across the line of scrimmage.  He's still learning how to pull flags which is not as easy as it looks.  He's already scored twice on defense getting 2 safety's!  On offense the kids are rotating position but Matt looks great in the QB position.  He throws great spirals but we don't pass too much.  He has gotten to play running back and did score a touchdown but man...not the speediest kid I've seen.  I was literally on the sidelines running in hopes to make him move faster!!
What makes me laugh is that I think having a mouth piece makes these boys feel like they're playing in the NFL.  They love them!  I am disgusted by them and then even more so when they fall on the ground and they pick them up and put them back in their mouth!   
What also make me laugh is this! Poor Cole...might as well crawl through there to get the ball.  Matt barely snaps it back!  Hilarious!
A big thanks to Dad for helping these boys!  This is so much fun and at the moment...Matt's favorite sport!