Tuesday, March 1, 2016

C2 Baseball off to a good start!

The C2 Baseball team is starting the season off well! Their first tournament was a one day, Saturday tournament. The boys didn't play well their first 2 pool games.  But something clicked (or the coach's pep talk worked) and they won the next 2 games and made it to the championship game.  The championship game started at 10:15pm and it was about 40 degrees outside. These boys played great and won! Matt played catcher the last 3 games and we were so proud of him for working hard, 3 games in a row in a position that is no longer his favorite! Great teamwork!
Our second tournament was in good ole Beaumont.  The boys played well on Saturday and were ready for Sunday.  They won their first 2 games and made it to the championship game.  They lost by 1 run but it's still a great finish for this new team.  They battled all weekend, hit well and our pitchers did great! Can't wait to watch them again!