Friday, October 30, 2015

Baylor Homecoming!

Ok so it technically wasn't the official homecoming but it was our homecoming! The boys did a great job planning a great weekend in Waco to hang out with friends, watch our Baylor football team and roam a little around a campus that is even more beautiful than it was when we were there. The Scott's came in from Phoenix, the Hatter's from San Antonio and us from H-town!

Doug, Shawn and Andy all played football together in high school and were roommates in college.  They pledged the same fraternity and they all married girls from high school!!  So all of us went to high school together and most of us went to Baylor too! In all, we have 8 pretty cool kids that had a blast together too! 

The boys found a nice home that we rented for the weekend out in the country.  The kids played and we stayed up late reminiscing about the good ole days! Saturday morning we were excited about the game. Our first stop was to try to get a picture of the group at Ridin' High Cowboy Church! This super cute little church was near the house we rented.  This was the old church and they had built a new one right next door.  I'm so curious what a service is like at Ridin' High! 
Then it was off to the game. This was only our second time at the new stadium so it's still new to us and so awesome!
It was difficult to find 14 seats together so we sat in the berm.  This is the grassy area near the end zone.  I was a little uncertain about sitting on the ground for the entire game but this spot worked out perfect! There was a little area behind us with turf where the kids could play and we were shaded the whole time so it wasn't crazy hot.  Periodically the kids would make their way down to the front and I'm surprised they didn't jump over and go onto the field! They had a lot of fun.
We decided to try some family pics and a few selfies!  I love the pic where Marlie photo bombs the picture of Doug and I!
Thanks to the Dads for planning this trip.  I hope we can do it again next year!!