Sunday, February 28, 2016

Broncos - 2016 SuperBowl Champions!

No I'm not talking about Peyton Manning and his crew...I'm talking about the Fall Creek Broncos undefeated flag football team! LOL! Here they are with their SuperBowl rings!
Matt was super excited to play flag football again and Doug and Geoff volunteered to continue coaching these boys.  Honestly I think of all the activities we participate in, this has to be my favorite. Why? Well this group of boys has played together for so long and it's so fun that Matt gets to play with all of his really good friends.  I told Doug before they started that this was going to be the most fun year to play with this group, but also the hardest because all of the kids are great athletes and think they know it all already! And that was true. But they had a blast!

Doug and Geoff taught them a lot this year. Unlike other teams, our coaches called the plays in from the sidelines and the boys ran the games. They loved it!! And when you're the team that always wins (and by 20, 30 or sometimes 40 points), other teams start to dislike you and play rough, talk trash etc.  This year the boys learned to brush that off and just fight back by playing even better on the field. 

They didn't lose a game and only had 4 touchdowns scored on them all season! Our defense may have scored as many points as our offense did. I think Matt may have had an interception in each of the games and often ran them back for touchdowns. 
Matt really enjoyed playing defense the most.  He also played receiver and a little bit of running back too.
I couldn't be more proud of this group of kids and coaches. I'm going to miss Saturdays at the football field. Congratulations on another great year of football!