Sunday, August 2, 2015

Marlie's 8th Birthday

My youngest baby is 8!! It seems like yesterday that we went to the hospital so excited for the arrival of our little girl! This little one is nothing like I ever imagined she would be and I thank God because he created her way better than I would have!! I never imagined my little girl with the most beautiful red hair and freckles.  I never imagined my little girl would be nothing like me. She's so brave, not shy at all, loves to perform in front of crowds and is great at sports that involve a ball!! She loves her brother Matt the most of all and although Matt doesn't always show it, he's one of her biggest fans.  She says she's "Daddy's girl" and I'm completely fine with that because what a blessing to have such an amazing Dad. I love to sing out loud with this girl, take long naps on the weekend and watch silly made for TV Disney movies! Marlie we all love you more than you know!!

We celebrated Marlie's birthday this year at Painting with a Twist.  Marlie picked the cutest little snail to paint and the girls all had a blast!! She was excited this year to include her dance friends too!  She'll be dancing with these girls for years to come!
Nene and Matt were our extra helpers!!
They all did a really good job! It was fun to watch each of them paint and see how they used their creativity to personalize their painting. 
One of our favorite charities in Houston is Star of Hope. So Marlie asked that instead of gifts to please bring socks and underwear for the children at Star of Hope.  When we got home she had so much fun going through everything the girls brought!
Thank you, thank you to everyone for your generosity!! Marlie was so excited to take several boxes of socks and undies to Star of Hope.  We are so blessed to know you all!