Sunday, February 8, 2009

Doug Got New Eyes!

Doug has been wanting to have Lasik for years and last Thursday he finally did it! It all went really well and he is very excited. I'm excited because now he can see me 24/7 and I think he still likes me! WOHOO! This is such a life changing procedure and it was all so quick. Doug said it took maybe 30 seconds per eye. If you have questions let us know. He had it done at

This weekend we attended the wedding of a very dear friend of mine that I used to work with at Continental. It was beautiful and I'm SO very happy for them. They are a cute couple and we wish them the best. The wedding was so much fun but difficult since we had no choice but to take the little peas. It was so nice to see and catch up with all of my Continental peeps. I miss you guys a TON! Here's a great picture of Doug and Matt at the wedding. Notice the lack of spectacles!
And Marlie looked like a rock star too!

Here is Matt with Mrs. Carrie. Poor Carrie had someone to watch her kids and then Matt wouldn't let her out of his sight!

Matt was really excited that Dad got new eyes. He kept saying that Dad didn't have to wear his "shade" glasses anymore. Kinda makes sense huh? We all wore our protective goggles so that Dad wasn't the only funny - looking one in the house!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gram, This is the Zoo

We all had a really wonderful weekend. I left town to spend some time with my very dear friends in Brenham. It was a girls weekend and we stayed at the Wrigley House B&B which we all loved. The owner was adorable and our little cottage was perfect for just hanging out chatting and drinking wine! Thank you Milana and Audrey for a fabulous weekend! I am blessed to have friends like you!

Gram decided last minute to come to Houston to hang out with her boys and Marlie. She said she was coming to take everyone to the zoo. As she stepped in the house I welcomed her to the "zoo". Let's be honest...with 2 small children and 2 working parents that's just what it is. They had a wonderful time and I think this was the first time Marlie was really into it. I'm sad I missed that but I know Doug had a great weekend with his Mom and the kids.

It was also a first because Marlie actually kept her hat on most of the time! Isn't this cute?I know what you're thinking...this little boy has a cowboy hat and boots at the zoo. It's one of those things that you just go along with to avoid a meltdown. What can I say...he's my little cowboy! Thank you Gram for coming up!! We hope you make these trips more often!!

Matt's First Field Trip

Ask Matt what he wants to be when he grows up and he always says, "a baseball player, a cowboy and a jockey"...well now he adds "AND a fireman"! Yes they took their first field trip to the fire station. But it was not an ordinary fire station. It was the one at the airport which is like a fire station on steroids. Dad made the trip with Matt but if I would have known we'd be that close to airplanes I would have gone too!! I think Dad had just as much fun as Matt did. Apparently holding this water hose was the highlight of the trip. don't need Disney World for entertainment.

They got to take pics with the fireman and even try on the fireman's suit!!

I think Matt looks more like an Alien than fireman in this picture but I didn't tell him that of course.

It was a really great day! Thank you to these wonderful men and women who help protect us!