Friday, March 28, 2014

Steeling Wins!

Matt could not wait to play flag football again this year!  Dad caved and decided to coach along with Coach Geoff and WOW what a season we had! They made a great team and I'm sure will be back next year.  You'll see the usual suspects below on the Steelers!
Dad was "Offensive Coordinator" and Geoff was "Defensive Coordinator" and they taught the boys a ton.  They only lost 1 game and won the others by quite a bit.  Matt primarily played quarterback but also got to play wide receiver and running back too.  Of course he loved playing defense and got 2 pick 6s! This year he said his favorite position was receiver.  He caught a few long ones for TDs and also threw some bombs for TDs too! 
I decided this year I was going to do a better job taking video.  Especially with sports because pictures can only tell part of the story.  So I posted 2 videos of one of Matt's games.  The first you can see him run one back for a TD and in the second he catches a long pass for a TD.  Other than these exciting moments, the little things are my favorite...the high 5's, the celebrations, the getting pumped, the helping your teammates get up, the pats on the head.  What a great group of kids and parents!
Matt I'm so glad you had fun and we can't wait to watch you again next year! 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sweet Hannah

Our sweet Hannah made it to Heaven!  Hannah was 14 and for the last year she's been on more medicine than any person I know and we've made trips to the vet at least once a month.  So Doug and I were at peace when she died. 

We got Hannah the first year we were married and we spoiled her a ton!  When I look back, this is the funniest was her first Christmas and we were "those" people that went to Petsmart to have pictures done! She was so cute!
I always said Hannah was fat and happy.  Every time she had her yearly check up they talked about her weight but that's just how God made her.  She loved to eat! She was not the most athletic dog but definitely the sweetest.  She loved the kids a ton and well...pretty much anyone else she came in contact with. 

It was so hard telling the kids.  Matt's initial reaction was complete shock and then he cried.  Marlie seemed confused and then cried SO hard for a good 30 minutes.  Marlie loves all animals and especially loved Hannah.  While Marlie cried Matt asked lots of questions.  We used this moment to talk to them about God and Heaven and in the end it was a great bonding time for our family. 

Marlie was sad for several days.  Then one morning she came downstairs and told me she had a really good dream.  Of course I asked her about it and she said that she saw God and he told her not to be sad about Hannah because he's taking care of her in Heaven.  She had the biggest smile on her face.  When I asked her more specific questions she gave me really interesting details on what he looked like (we talked about maybe it being Jesus) like his "peach" skin and "longish brown" hair with a "white gown type thing".  So we are all okay now and so happy that Hannah is healthy and happy in Heaven. 

Marlie wants another dog so bad (and I guess I would love one too) but we've explained that right now we aren't home enough to bring a new puppy into the family and she understands.  So we'll be stopping every time we see a dog, to love on it, and hopefully do some dog sitting too!  Hannah we love you and miss you a ton!