Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our Last Soccer Saturday

I am sad to announce that we had our last Soccer Saturday a few weeks ago.  The Sharks started the day at 10am with a major shark attack!  Just when you think these boys can't get better, they do! I can't remember the score but again probably 20ish something to 3? 
Matt and Caden sure did have a blast playing together and we were glad we could talk Coach Joel in letting Caden play (since he hates soccer!). They work so well together and challenge each other to get better too.  And I did manage to get some video!  Keep in mind that these videos are from just 1 quarter of a game! They are a bit shaking so bare with me!
Later at 1pm the Fairy Ponies took the field for the last time this season.  Marlie played ok but it wasn't a great day for her.  Regardless she looked really cute and made the last goal!  She ended the game in complete tears because Coach Dad told her that was her last game of the season...oh the drama!

As if the day wasn't full enough, we had baseball games at 4:00 and 5:30!  The Humble Hooks did outstanding and finished 2nd in the tournament!  Matt came home with a big trophy and I hope to get some pictures soon to post since I was camera less!

Matt and Marlie we are so proud of you!  Matt your effort is unreal and I LOVE how much you LOVE the game and cheer on your teammates.  You are a great leader.  Marlie it was so fun to watch you "break it up" this year.  We know you are naturally gifted and we are excited to watch you play again next year. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

My SuperHeros!

Another successful Halloween has come and gone.  This has got to be one of my favorite holidays of the year.  The kids always end up looking so cute (even though they won't wear the costumes I would like them to) and the parents have just as much fun. 

The day started off at school at the Kindergarten Character Parade.  It is so fun to see all the kids dressed up as characters from their favorite books! 
I keep wondering what girl in the picture above is the real Wonder Woman? Ha!

We didn't make it to a pumpkin patch this year OR carve a pumpkin!  I feel horrible as those are two of my favorite things to do.  I'm not sure how Halloween got here so fast.  But we did manage to put some silly faces on our pumpkins!
So yes, Marlie decided to be Wonder Woman this year.  I tried so hard to convince her to be a princess but she insisted on a superhero!!  Well, Matt decided to be Captain America so they both ended up looking very cute together.  Reminded me of the batman/bat woman costumes from a couple of years ago. 
We had fun hanging out at the Patton's house before heading out into the neighborhood. I attempted a picture of all the kids together but no luck. They were way too excited to get the show on the road.
 Marlie was giving lots of hugs along the way to Ms. Debbie, Ms. Carol and all her friends!  
Our entire neighborhood was decorated for the big event! It's almost as crazy as Christmas decorations and the kids loved it!
 Marlie and Cali worked so hard to keep up with boys.  They were exhausted by the end of the night!
And then we caught up with Austin and Braeden!! Braeden is in Kinder also and Marlie sees him after school at the YMCA.  She talks about Braeden A LOT and when I reminder her that he lived down the street, she asked Daddy to take her to ride her bike and see his house!!  So I told Braeden's Mom and Dad that their son has a stalker and they seemed perfectly fine with that.  Both actually said separately that it sounded like the perfect arranged marriage so we'll see! Ha!!
Hardly any of my pictures from the night turned out good as the kids were running everywhere!  But I caught this flash of Capt America that I thought was super cute!!
And I can't forget to give a shout out to our Halloween helper that stays at the house to hand out candy.  Our one and only....Nene! Hope you had a great Halloween!

Matt Finally Lost a Tooth!

I forgot to share some really BIG news with you all...Matt finally lost a tooth!! It's big news because I think he is the last of all his friends to lose a tooth.  Even some of Marlie's friends are toothless!  So when he jiggled it out last week he was pumped!
Luckily the tooth fairy left a sweet note that said he could keep the tooth since it was his first.  The tooth went to school and to Nene's house.  The permanent tooth is making it's way into place!!