Saturday, June 20, 2015

Marlie's First Communion/Hooks Win State

Last weekend was Marlie's First Communion and all the family came in town to celebrate the big event!! On Saturday night Marlie said, "Mom I can't believe that everyone came in town for my communion." So thank you to all our grandparents, cousins and Aunt Dani for coming!  It meant a lot to her. 

Saturday afternoon we all went to the Astros game.  The Astros lost but we had fun anyway. It was Faith & Family night so we got to hear a few players give their testimony at the end of the game.  We also got to stay to hear MercyMe in concert which was awesome! 
We got up early Sunday for mass. I sat next to Marlie and after the homily she looked at me and said, "it's getting closer!"  Then when the celebration of the Eucharist started she had this huge smile on her face and said, "ok it's almost time!" Then she finally got to go to communion for the first time!!!
What made it even more special was that Marlie got to celebrate this special day with her friends Lauren, Katie and Emma.  I was lucky I got to teach these girls for their 1st grade CCE class!!
 We took lots of family photos afterwards!!
Afterwards we came back home for lunch.  Marlie got some wonderful communion gifts including her First Communion charm! And her favorite gift were the stompies she got from Aunt Dani and family! 
The day kept unfolding beautifully.  Matt's baseball team played in the state tournament and although we missed the first game, the Hooks won. That meant the team was going to play in the championship game.  We all did a "superman change" and headed out to watch Matt play!  The Hooks won the tournament and Matt was thrilled that his family was there to watch him play!
Thank you to everyone for being with us on this very exciting Sunday!