Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

I know this blog is about my babies but I had to share my amazing weekend with you all.  My sweet friend Heather asked me to do the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  This Sunday at 12:30pm we finished our 39.3 mile walk!

We walked a marathon on Saturday and a half marathon Sunday.  I was so honored to walk with my 2 friends Stephanie and Melissa that are breast cancer survivors.  I was proud to also walk in honor of my Mom and for my friend Janelle who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is going through chemo. 

The walk was amazing.  Tons of people, young and old, big and little, tall and short, men and women...all walking for a purpose.  We heard so many stories along the way and were overwhelmed with all the people out cheering for us and thanking us for walking.  Stephanie was a little ray of sunshine the entire weekend, meeting new people and making us laugh.  At 6:00am first thing Saturday morning she introduced us to our new friend Marnie who walked the entire 39.3 miles with us!

I hit a wall at about the 23 mile mark on Saturday.  Luckily we were all together and there were a group of people behind us who were also delirious and made us laugh like crazy.  I was so excited to see my Mom and Marlie at about mile 26. And we walked to the finish line together with our new friends!
After a nice dinner I realized that I couldn't even get up from my chair! It was hilarious!  Back to shower and head straight to bed.  We were back up at 5:30am for part 2!

We could hardly get out of bed, let alone walk!  We bandaged up our blisters and headed to the race.  I think our bodies were just so numb and sore that the 13.1 miles actually wasn't horrible. 

We saw Heather's family at about mile 10 and that's when I started getting emotional.  Then Doug and Marlie met us at mile 11 and walked with us the rest of the way.  Marlie was so excited to be there!
Here were are at the 13 mile marker on Sunday - total of 39 miles...
Then we came to my Mom and Matt and I got the best hug from my little man with the stomach bug.  He was wearing pink gloves so he could give everyone along the way high 5's without infecting them!
 Then we crossed the finish line with our children and my Mom, hand-in-hand.  It was a great feeling!
Thank you for everyone who donated to this walk.  Thank you to my friend Melissa who had done this walk and gave me all the advice I needed to make it! Thank you to my sweet husband Doug who managed 2 softball games, baseball practice, dance pictures and a father-son school event just on Saturday.  And then got woken up in the middle of the night with my Matt and his stomach bug, got everyone to church early Sunday morning and then came to finish the walk with me...and then took complete care of me Sunday (because I could barely move).  But mostly for being so proud of me and supportive.  You would have thought that I made it to the top of Everest! Check out more pictures in the slideshow.
Keep fighting girls!

Hooks Win!

Matt is playing select baseball this year.  We have started playing again this spring and guess what...we won our first tournament!  The boys were more than excited and played great.  Matt usually plays first base but got to play some at third too.  Matt as always, we are so proud of you, especially your sister!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hoppy Easter!

We headed down to SA to spend Easter with our friends & family and had such a great time! We stayed with the Hatters and the kids and adults had a blast!  M&M just walked into the Hatter house and they were off.  We got to see the Zunkers too and the boys played baseball together.  How I loved watching them all!  I could have sat out there for hours but the little girls got a little cranky after the first hour so we went to eat!
Easter Sunday was so much fun too!  Everyone was at Gram's and we had a great time. The kids LOVE the annual Easter Egg Hunt!  Funny my little ones were both very quick this year!
 And they love to count their money!! It's like winning the lottery!
We had such a great time this year with our cousins, Doug with his sisters and our friends.  Can't wait to do it again next year!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Color Run

We decided to do The Color Run with the Wellmann's and had a blast!! It's a 5K and every mile or so you get hit with a certain color.  The kids thought it was the greatest and the adults definitely enjoyed it too.  People go all out!  We decided on crazy socks which were pretty cool.

Here are the before pictures...
  Our first color was blue...Doug took Marlie right into the heart of the color mess so they started off good!
Next color was pink and some of us found the guy with the purple spray!
We hit yellow, then the boys rolled around in the orange...and got a spray of green too!  Here are the after pics...
Oh we had so much fun.  We mostly walked but ran for a bit as the boys high-fived others along the run.  Matt & Caden played football on the walk too (a walk-run with colors thrown at them along the way isn't enough to keep them busy).  The money raised goes to soldiers with PTSD so what a great cause!  We hope to do it again next year!