Thursday, November 30, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving from the Ranch!

Well, it's been awhile since I've blogged and I'm excited to get this back and up and running!

I am just recently semi-retired! Not sure what to call it, but I've decided to take a year or two off of work and catch up, reset, restore and spend time with the kids. It was nice to be home with them for the week of Thanksgiving. We slept in, decorated for Christmas, got in some doctors appointments and went to Hermann Park! We decided to skip the zoo and for the first time, got to ride the pedal boats! The kids loved it, although I let them drive/steer and they argued like a married couple most of the time on which way to go, how hard to pedal, etc.  They chased some sweet little baby duck and we saw a turtle too.  So simple, but so fun. Afterwards we rode the train. It was a gorgeous day!
For the first time in awhile we decided to head to the ranch for Thanksgiving. So many family members were there and the weather was perfect! My Uncle Tony and Aunt Ruth has restored the original ranch house and it is just gorgeous. We ate a lot and the kids enjoyed shooting guns too! The kids stayed with Nene and Uncle Jay in the RV and enjoyed all the animal creatures that came to visit in the mornings and evenings. 
Thank you to Uncle Tony & Aunt Ruth and everyone else who cooked for us! It was wonderful and we have so much to be Thankful for! 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

First Day of School

As usual summer flies by and it was time for school to start. However, Hurricane Harvey came in with a bang and slowed us down quite a bit. Although completely sad by the devastation to our city and several of our friend's homes, we got to spend a little time together at home and the kids were fine with school starting late!

Matt is in 6th grade this year at Woodcreek Middle School. No walking him into class on the first day but I did sit in my car at the bus stop to make sure he got on. This was his first time on the bus. The bus was supposed to come around 7:45am but didn't show up until about 8:15am due to all the first day of school traffic. The kids cheered when it rounded the corner. I knew Matt was going to be so nervous showing up late on the first day but he rolled with it and all went well.

This is Marlie's last year at Fall Creek Elementary. She's a 5th grader now and we are excited that she will be in Mr. Austin's class. Not sure why these pictures always get me choked up but aren't these not-so-little people adorable?

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Deer Valley, We're Back!

The kids and Doug really wanted to ski again over spring break so we decided to go back to Deer Valley! It's our favorite mountain with really long and fun greens, great restaurants and not-so-cold spring break weather!
We found a ski routine that works great for our family.  Doug and Matt ski together the first day while Marlie's in ski school, then Doug and I ski together while both kids are in ski school and then Marlie gets to ski with Dad while Matt's in ski school. It works perfect! The kids did great skiing again this year.  Matt wanted to ski all blacks and Marlie liked to take it a little easier and ski greens with me! Yea! Our hope is that the boys wear themselves the first day and then are ready to take it slower the next few days. They skied the first day so hard Matt was even exhausted!
 The weather was so perfect that Matt sometimes skied in a t-shirt! He had so much fun and loved skiing hard with Dad. They had some funny and scary stories!
We decided to surprise the kids one day and try something new. They were super excited when we came to a stop and there was a pack of dogs ready to take us sledding! I had read an article about how this place rescues dogs from all over the country and trains them. The owner was in love with all these creatures...they all had a name and a story. The kids asked 100 questions and Marlie was in heaven with all the dogs. This kid has been asking for a dog almost every day for a year. She was happiest when she was in the middle of as many as possible. Matt really enjoyed learning about the sport of sledding and asked how the dogs are ordered in line. It depended on their strength, speed, how smart they were, if they were leaders or followers. But they all had a place. It wasn't long before we all had our favorites. Mine were the blind dog and his best friend that helped guide him in the pack.
 As we were leaving Matt spotted a bald eagle in the tree. She was beautiful!
Last day - the boys were ready to ski hard one last time.  I was ready for a massage before coming home to reality! So Marlie had to decide who to go with and decided to come with me for her first spa day! We sat in the hot tub, had massages, got pedis and ate almost an entire jar of macaroons!
Fully rested and ready for our trip home! It was a great week. We'll be back!