Monday, April 26, 2010

Crazy Fun

I was talking to a friend that has 3 kids.  Her son plays baseball with Matt and her husband, Coach Dan, helps coach the team.  They are an awesome and beautiful family.  Both parents work, so like us, life is a bit crazy.  We were talking about how we run from place to place but it's always fun.  Crazy fun...that's our life in a nutshell.

Marlie and I went to Kylie's party and the girls had a blast!  Marlie was still pretty shy but she's finally warming up.  I mean really....she spends more time with these girls at school than she does at home with me! 

I also was excited last week to go with Matt on his first "real" field trip.  I say "real" because we got to go on a bus, which the kids were SO excited about...and we went to the Museum of Natural Science!!  Let me warn you parents out there that haven't been on a bus since elementary school that those things don't have shocks!!  It was like a roller coaster ride!  Anyway...since the kids were studying bugs we got to see a Bugs IMAX movie.  At first I was excited at the thought of being in a theater, even if it was with a million kids.  What I didn't realize is that I was lucky enough to see in 3D lots of scenes of bugs eating other bugs.  It was pretty gross.  And the main story was about this cute caterpillar that turns into a beautiful butterfly...only to be eaten at the end!!!  Goodness.  And the class "bully", well that's a bit harsh but you get the idea, at one point in the movie was balling and saying he wanted his Mommy.  Poor thing....luckily I had coached Matt and Evan to take their 3D glasses off when they got scared and well, they had them off most of the time.  But at least no crying.  Then we went into the butterfly exhibit which was so fun.  I love that place.  That was followed by a picnic in the park.  There was a huge hill and the kids had a blast racing their teacher down the hill and playing hide-and-go-seek.  Matt said his favorite part of the day was running down the hill with Ms. Melissa.  She is awesome!!

And of course how could we let a weekend go by without a Tball game?  As you know (if you keep up with this blog and I know you all do!) this year the boys decided they wanted to be the Yankees.  And with the Astros performance this year...can you really blame them?  Well the YMCA issues all the teams standard jerseys and Astros hats.  So one of our dear moms, Cindy, decided that they couldn't be the Yankees and have Astros hats.  On a trip to NY she stopped at the field and got all the kids AND coaches REAL Yankees hats.  Cindy you are awesome!  So the kids took their pictures this week...with their Yankees hats!  Too cute!  Here's the crew....and our 3rd base coach! 


Sunday, April 11, 2010

The best week this year!!!

We had a really amazing week.  So get your popcorn and get ready for some fun!!

After 3 years of Doug playing catch with Matt...or maybe I should call it "chase", Matt can catch the ball!  I know this probably seems silly to most of you, but it was a big deal in the Maziur house.  We were all outside on Monday and as always, Doug and Matt were playing catch while Marlie and I played.  Me with one eye on the ball to make sure we don't get beemed in the head.  Then I realized that there they were...throwing and catching the ball.  It was so awesome! 

Then my shy Marlie came out of her shell.  She spent all of tball practice playing with Emma instead of standing right by my side.  She is also speaking much more clearly and I'm starting to understand all her songs.  At dinner she busted out with the pledge of alliegence followed by "your a grand old flag...".  She knew every word!  It was so cute and she taught me the words.  Great song by the way.  She also sings the months of the year.  She is learning so much every day. 

We spent a few days out in the yard pulling weeds.  Matt is the best helper ever.  When we started he told me there was "like 60 100 (yes we don't understand thousands yet) weeds and it would take 60 days to pull them all".  It got sunny and hot so I told him we needed to go inside and he insisted on finishing the job.  He's got a great work ethic... I can tell already.  Of course it will take us 60 days to get all the weeds, but at least it's a start.  Marlie was not interested at all in helping (as usual) but sang for us the entire time. 

Friday night we went with Uncle Jay, Miss Lynette and Jordan to the Astros game.  We had so much fun (although the Astros are horrible).  The kids (well not Marlie she was terrified) got to take a picture with the Astros...rabbit???  I'm not really sure what that is.  Why a rabbit?  Anyway...Uncle Jay took the kids to play and on their way back down to our seats guess who caught a foul ball?  Uncle Jay!!  I think he pushed a grandpa and his granddaughter out of the way (just kidding), but Matt has his first foul ball!!  Everyone was high fiving him on the way down.  He was pumped!  The kids made it through the entire game and we watched a great fireworks show at the end.  Thank you Uncle Jay...we had a blast! 

Our game got cancelled on Saturday due to rain.  Matt's face was so sad.  He loves baseball.  But Sunday morning we headed down to the Children's Festival with our friends.  The kids had so much fun!!  It was Annie's birthday so we sang happy birthday during lunch and just went crazy.  Of course now we're broke because they charged a fortune for everything.  I'm surprised they didn't charge us to use the nasty port-o-potties.  That was a first experience for Marlie and luckily I was able to convince myself and her that it was okay to go potty in there.  Here are Melissa and I with the kids watching the Big Top Show...
The kids had a blast on the swings.  Marlie loved it too.  The boys LOVED racing down the slide.  The girls were a little more scared.  Heck after the rodeo slide I bailed out and forced Jenny to go down with the girls.

We ended the day with ice cream and snow cones.  Does life get any better?  No way!!  We are blessed!!
Here are a few other cute pics from our fun day!! 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Egg Hunting

We headed to SA for Easter.  We had a great day Saturday at Papa and Nona Lisa's house with our family!  The kids had an Easter egg hunt, they swam in the pool and we ended the day with a nice trip to the park.  Marlie was a little slow on the egg hunt and did not like the cascarones cracked on her head but she looked cute!  Dad helped Matt get the eggs way up in the trees and he thought that was so fun!!
I snapped this picture of Doug and his sisters when the adults were out hiding eggs.  I thought it was cute.  This is at the point in the weekend when they all liked each other!!!!  Aren't they cute? 

This picture of Papa and Sam was too cute.  Sam is the oldest of the group and she is hilarious.  She gets her sense of humor from her Mom (or maybe her Papa) and she's so fun to be around. 

On Sunday we woke up early hoping to beat the crowds at an early mass, but no luck.  It was packed! Here's a funny picture of them all dressed but half asleep!
The kids were exhausted but they were excited about one more egg hunt at Grams.  By the end of it Marlie had figured out how it works.  Hopefully she'll be ready for next year.  Here are some cute shots of the kids after the hunt!!