Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Take II

So we decided to hit our usual pumpkin patch for some pictures this morning.  This patch usually has the best pumpkins, but I guess it's true that the pumpkins were not so good this year because we struggled to find that perfect pumpkin! 

We managed a few good shots and the kiddos picked out a few to take home.  We're hoping we have enough energy to carve some this year.  Seems that we are always up to something! 

Matt's First Love Letter, Marlie's First Boyfriend...Mom & Dad's 1,000th Grey Hair From Kids

So Matt got shy all of a sudden the other day when he was pulling out his school work from his bag.  He said, "Mom someone sneaked this in my backpack."  I think it was his first love note and included a phone number too!!
Maybe it's supposed to say "Matt is my friend" or "Matt is funny"...not really sure but I thought it was so cute.  I emailed Hannah's Mom and Iva & Alena's Mom hoping it was one of their girls (the arranged marriage idea doesn't seem so ridiculous anymore).  Seems that Alena sort of admitted she did it but apparently she was shy discussing the topic too!  For all I know it's from a boy, but either way it's adorable. 

My friend Traci (Hannah and Hayden's Mom) stopped me at school the other morning to tell me that Hayden had told her that Marlie asked him to be his boyfriend.  So that night at dinner I asked Marlie if she asked Hayden to be her boyfriend and she just smiled and shook her head yes...and had that look on her face like of course, why wouldn't I?  I asked her what he said and she said "he said sure and then he was very happy".  I have no idea where in the world she got the idea to ask him to be her boyfriend.  I will try to pretend it's cute now because fast forward a few years and I'll take the key and lock her up!!!  I know kids today grow up fast, but they're in PreK-3!!! I guess next year I'll have to teach her how to play hard to get!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Nene's 60th Surprise Birthday Party

Our Nene (as the kids call her) will be 60 this year.  We had a surprise party a few weeks early.  It was a cupcake coffee/tea party at Sugarbaby's Cupcake Boutique in town.  We started the morning with pedis at the spa.  Marlie too of course and we all loved it...I think Marlie did the most.  The girls in the spa think she's adorable and she sits there like she's been there millions of times.  This time she got flowers on her toes and they were adorable.  I couldn't say no.  I know...ridiculous.  I'm still mad at myself for ever taking her, but secretly I love how much she enjoys it. 

The girls had lunch and then Marlie and I had to dash off to get ready for the party. As you know with all events it can be a little crazy.  We picked up flowers and balloons and were hurrying to get in the car.  Well the vase with roses tipped over in my car and there was a puddle of water in the driver's seat.  We were late already and I was so frustrated.  That's when my saving grace reminded me that "Nene will still love the flowers if there's no water in them" followed by "Mom, it's only water it will dry".  Yes common sense from my 3 year old angel.  So I calmly found the napkins stashed in all places of my car and dried my seat off best as I could.  Then I found a bag that I used to sit on, so my bum wasn't soaking wet!  All was good!! 

My angel was the perfect little hostess during the party.  My Mom's friends from the neighborhood came as well as some family.  My aunt flew in for the occasion and we all had so much fun.  The place is adorable and the cupcakes were good!  But I mostly loved seeing my Mom (Nene) so happy and Marlie having so much fun playing the hostess role. 

I got a few pics....was a bit frustrated because this place is super cute and and I didn't seem to capture it that well.  That's why I stick to counting beans for a real job!
My Mom's friends are adorable and most importantly...hilarious!  They laughed so hard and I loved hearing their funny stories.  She is lucky to have such sweet ladies in her life!  
Nene was pleasantly surprised and we all had a really great time.  Happy 60th Nene!  Let's do this again at 70!! 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Marlie's First Field Trip

I was so excited last Friday to go with Marlie on her first field trip!!  We headed out to Old MacDonald's Farm and although we had been there several times before this was different.  This time we had all our new friends along and their awesome teachers and moms!  The weather was beautiful.  God couldn't have blessed us with a better day.  Here's Marlie and Ashdin...I love these 2 together.  They are not afraid of anything and have so much fun.
And they loved the bunnies!  I love how Marlie is sharing her food with Lauren to feed them.  The bunnies were not interested so Lauren decided to pick one up!  She is adorable. 
I love this picture.  We were waiting (forever) for the train.  Honestly every time I ride this train I'm singing "I think I can" all the way around.  Somehow it always makes the circle but I'm not sure how.
 Finally on the train!  These 3 piled right in and never looked back for their Mom's! 
Last but not least the kids got to pick a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.  Marlie and Lauren were VERY proud of the ones they picked.  Marlie specifically ordered me to take a picture of just the pumpkin without her in it.  Pic turned out kinda cute!
Along with watching them at all their activities, these are the days I live for!   

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kinda Pumpkin Patch

I love our yearly trip to the pumpkin patch.  It usually turns out to be the cutest pics of the kids for the year.  This year I found an orchard that also advertised a good pumpkin patch.  So we gathered up some other families and off we went.  This was on the calendar for at least a month so the boys reluctantly left the Texans game early to join us at the Matt Family Orchard with all our friends!  Unfortunately the pumpkin patch was not the greatest but we had such a great time. Here's part of our crew with their pumpkins!
The kids had so much fun decorating their pumpkins.  There were stickers everywhere!! Much easier than carving at this age!!
Then they made candy necklaces.  I was surprised that they didn't eat all of the candy before finishing their necklaces, but they were all pretty determined. 
Then it was off to the orchard to pick persimmons or as Marlie calls them "percinnamons"!  As you can see Doug had fun leading the pack.  Interesting how he balances a beer in one hand the entire time! Even little Lyla was helping!
Along the way the girls stopped to see if they could pick each other up.  Even Marlie joined in.  Marlie LOVES these big girls and they are so very sweet to her. 
Heading back after a long days work!
Then it was time for our hayride.  The kids had fun and we saw all sorts of funny things along the way, including each other of course!
After that we had a picnic dinner.  The kids ate fast so they could play.  This was the best tire swing I have ever seen.  Marlie was on it with the girls for awhile and then the boys finally got their turn too. 
I'm not sure how long the girls were on this swing but I think they could have stayed here all night!
Last but oh not was time to roast marshmallows and make smores!  I'm going to be honest...this was the part I was most excited about.  I couldn't wait!
I think the night ended with all the girls chasing the boys and all got caught and tackled to the ground.  So despite the not-so-good pumpkin patch and the fact that I didn't get those favorite pumpkin pictures you can see we had a really, really good time.  With this group it's hard not to.  Thanks guys for coming!