Thursday, January 24, 2013

Christmas is Here!

We really enjoyed Christmas this year.  Marlie started asking questions about Santa "really fitting down the chimney" and "delivering toys to all the kids in the world" and Matt reminded her that he is "magical" just like God! 

The festivities started on Snow Day in Fall Creek.  We got to see Santa, play in the snow, go on a carriage ride and eat donuts and drink hot chocolate!
Papa and Nona Lisa came up to visit and we went to the Zoo for Zoolights!  We didn't see too many animals but we enjoyed all the lights, the Christmas music and our hot chocolate!
We enjoyed the program at the children's mass at church and then came home to celebrate Christmas with the family.  Christmas started with a few performances from Matt playing his guitar and a few songs sung by Marlie.  Then we had our 2nd annual gift card exchange which is lots of fun with people stealing cards, forming teams, etc.  It was time to open gifts and the kids didn't even ask to start opening.  They were so excited about the things they bought for us at their little "boutique" at school! It was so cute.  Marlie got me a little hook that says #1 Mom, Matt was SO excited to give me a diamond bow ring and a Texans shirt.  Matt asked if I could wear the ring every day so I've been wearing it as much as I can. 
Marlie was so excited to give Matt this football flag and a Rubik's cube which he had on his Christmas list. 
Matt was excited to give Marlie her softball helmet, glove and softballs! Marlie was SO excited because she really wants to play softball...sigh!
The kids were happy to share the holidays with Nene and Papa & Nona Lisa.  Somehow everyone knew this year what was on the kid's Christmas lists so they were happy when they opened each gift!
I made my favorite cupcakes and we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus!
It was time for bed so we could get ready for the big morning.  Christmas morning Doug woke up abruptly and said "I think I heard something".  I was hoping it was a false alarm because it was 6:00am and I was so tired.  But sure enough...Matt was up and pretty much had already gone through his gifts from Santa.  He was really excited about his new bike and the beyblades he got.  Marlie however slept until 8 or 9 and then slowly came downstairs.  She just looked at everything in amazement.  She was excited to get a Jake ship with the characters and also to get a...
GUITAR! That Santa brings us neat things even though it's not on our list! Matt had already taught Marlie the names and numbers of the strings and the letters of her fingers on her right hand. I hope she can start lessons this summer, she can't wait! Santa also brought the kids a 4-wheeler and they had fun riding that like crazy up and down the street.

Christmas day is always relaxing.  Nene came over and made really good breakfast tacos and we all sat in our pj's and played with all our new things.  It's my favorite day of the year hands down. 

A few days later we met the Wellmann's for ice skating!  It was lots of fun.  Matt went around twice with the "walker" and then went solo.  As with roller skating he didn't know how to stop so he just plows right into the wall.  He and Caden probably fell 100 times but Matt really liked it.  Marlie just stood still with the walker for the first 30 minutes and we had to push her.  She finally started moving her feet but didn't want us to take the walker away.  By the end she loved it too.  And we also loved the hot chocolate here too!
The festivities weren't over yet...for New Year's weekend we headed to San Antonio to see the rest of the family! The kids had so much fun playing with their cousins and Doug and I sure enjoyed spending some time with them too. 
We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!  May God continue to bless us all! 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Matt's Christmas Guitar Recital

Matt had his 3rd guitar recital a few weeks ago.  Although he missed a few notes here and there, he still did a great job.  2 of the songs were pretty new so he didn't have much time to practice.  And well...with the concrete incident, that took some practice time away too! 
He started the show with Good King Wenceslas which was one of my favorites!
Then he played a duo with Mrs. Kristi that I also liked...this was one that he hadn't practiced a lot before the big show. 
Next was Blue Bird which I thought was too easy for him, but he wanted to play it because...well it was easy!
And at the end, the kids picked names and had to surprise their friend with a song.  Matt picked Gabriel and played "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".
Matt won 1st place for practicing the most this fall and he sure was proud of that. The kids all did well and presented Mrs. Kristi with lots of fun gifts including this awesome shirt I found while we were in Grapevine.  Thank you Mrs. Kristi for being such a great and patient teacher.  We are loving having someone in our house to play live music!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Matt Meets the Concrete

You may have noticed some pictures where Matt looks like he's been in a serious fight...well he fell at PE and went face first into the concrete. 

When the school nurse called she sounded a bit frantic that one tooth had been knocked out but I assured her that it was hanging on by a thread anyway.  I assumed all was ok so thankfully Nene was home and could go pick Matt up.  Well when we she got to school and saw Matt it took her a bit to compose herself.  Marlie saw Matt and immediately said she felt sick.  It was pretty bad. 
Nene took him straight to the dentist and thankfully Dr. G could see him right away.  She had to pull the other front tooth but thankfully these were his baby teeth and the xrays showed no permanent gum damage. 
Matt teared up when he finally saw himself in the mirror.  Poor Doug was out of town getting pictures that looked horrible over text.  He was beside himself too! 
I finally got home and watched Matt take a long nap.  When he woke up he said he was okay and ready to get on the computer to play first in math!
Thank you to Nene for taking good care of Matt.  A week later and his lip was back to normal and the scabs had already fallen off.  And the tooth fairy gave him a bonus for losing 2 teeth at once in a traumatic fashion!!  I'm sure this is not the only scary phone call we'll get.  Matt plays hard and is not always the most coordinated little person.  We are so thankful he ended up being okay!