Sunday, July 28, 2013

Carolina Creek

Matt experienced a wonderful few days last week at Carolina Creek Christian Camp!  I came across this camp at work (yes I have the best job ever) last year and couldn't wait for Matt to go this summer.  It was better than expected. 

We were thrilled that Caden and Evan also signed up for camp and got put into the same cabin.  Then Marlie's friend Garrett (my sweet friend Stephanie's son) also ended up in their cabin.  Garrett is a couple of years younger than MC&E but he kept up with the older boys.  The boys were in the Zebra cabin and their counselors were Alex, Garrett (aka Big G) and Evan #2.  The boys immediately started calling them all "coach" because that's what their used to.  Evan #2 is 13 and is the son of a woman who leads the girls camps.  He was a great kid and the boys LOVED him immediately.  I'm sure they wore him out!
Matt was so excited about camp until the day of.  He wouldn't admit to being nervous but he was crying for no reason so I knew he was.  But as soon as Caden and his family hopped in our car all was good.  There was a little look of fear when we left them but no tears...well except for Marlie.  She cried for 5 minutes solid, hardly breathing because she was going to miss Matt.  By the time we made it back home she was fine and we when told her she could pick out what to eat for dinner she said "lobster" and off we went!  While Matt was gone we did enjoy having Marlie to ourselves and some peace and quiet in the house!
Wednesday morning we couldn't wait to go get the boys.  When we got there, they were playing football outside their cabin.  Matt shot me a big smile but kept playing.  When I finally got their full attention I got my hug and snapped this cute picture.  No doubt they were having fun!
They had cabin awards and it was so funny that in just a few days they had figured out these boys.  Garrett got the Endurance Award for working hard to keep up with the older boys in the cabin.  Caden got the Loyalty Award for making friends and being kind to everyone.  Evan got the Wisdom Award which is just SO Evan.  Matt got the I'm Third Award which was very special.  God First, others Second and Yourself Third.  Here's a little video of his award...
The Counselors did a great job and I knew from the moment that I met all 3 of them that I liked them.  They were great role models for the boys. 

Afterwards we went into Noah's Ark for a final worship service.  It was fun to see the songs the boys learned along with all the dance moves.  After a trip to the gift shop and a few more pictures with ALL the kids it was time to head home.  Next year the boys are excited to go for the week and the girls will get to join them!!  Can't wait!!