Wednesday, March 31, 2010

B-A-Y-L-O-R Baylor Bears Fight!!

That was the battle cry last Friday and Sunday night as we watched our men's Baylor basketball team in the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 games.  It was awesome.  We went with friends on Friday night and Matt wanted to come along so bad.  So we told him that if they won we would take him to the game on Sunday.  So off we went Sunday night all geared up....
The ride down there was wild.  Doug and I were so excited about the game and we were just sure the kids would be uncontrollable and we wouldn't see a thing.  As soon as we stepped into the arena it's as if they were in awe.  They were perfect for the entire game.  They cheered and had fun eating cotton candy.  We had so much fun even though our team lost.  They played well though and the game was very exciting....those guys should be proud of themselves. 

The kids are excited about Easter.  We took them to the mall to see the bunny and even Matt was scared.  I can't blame them...that thing had huge eyes and teeth and didn't talk.  It took some coaxing, and I found out later a bribe from Dad in the form of green paper, but we managed to get a picture of them sitting next to the bunny looking at him out of the corner of their eyes and trying to smile.  We decorated Easter eggs so we are ready for our Easter egg hunt! 

Both kids are at such wonderful stages.  Baseball season seems to put Matt in a continous state of happiness.  He is so helpful with his sister and they are getting along so the moment.  After spending the month of February in the bathroom (I forget how much time you actually spend in the bathroom while potty training) Marlie is doing great.  She has been so cuddly and loveable.  She is the little girl I have always dreamt of having.  She is a bit stubborn and feisty but she is sweet and funny and just beautiful. 

Happy Easter to everyone! 

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cowboy Up

What a great weekend. Saturday was Matt's first T-Ball game of the season. He has been waiting for this since the end of last season! This year we are the Yankees (yes with Astros hats), other than that we have the same kids, same parents, so same really cool team. And you could tell these boys had the routine down. They all hit and fielded the ball great. For being the first game I was more than impressed. Bring out the scouts!!! I did a horrible job taking pictures. Matt gave me a megaphone as we were walking out the door and asked me to cheer for him really loud. So I was too busy cheering and well catching up with all the parents. What fun this is! We are so blessed to know so many awesome families!
And it's rodeo time here in Houston. And we have a great rodeo! As always our first thing is always a pony ride. They ride like they do it every day.
Then we checked out the animals in the petting zoo. Marlie was not afraid at all. Matt was a little and then tried so hard to be brave!

Then we watched the pig races and rode some rides.  It's great how neither kid is scared at all.  They went on a little roller coaster with Dad and I rode the "Goliath Slide" with Marlie and I screamed all the way down!  Matt insisted he was going down the slide by himself. 
We had a blast!  Matt said he's ready to try the "Mutten Bustin" next year.  Doug actually convinced him to try it, but by the time he agreed the slots were full.  So we will definitely do that next year for a good laugh!!  Thanks Dad for taking us to the rodeo!