Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4th of July

Oh I am so behind. Between work, the kids and the Tour de France it's been busy! The kids had a parade at school to celebrate the 4th of July. Marlie had just moved up to the next class and wasn't happy at all. We both miss her old teachers tremendously! Matt however walked as a very proud American with his head held high. As he says...the United States of Texas!
Then we were off to SA! It was a long 3.5 hours home. I couldn't count the number of times Matt asked "are we there yet?" or the number of times Marlie said "I wanna get down!". But we had a blast once we got there!! Friday we celebrated Doug's and our niece Sam's birthday. We got to hang out with our good friends the Hatters and Zunkers that we've known for FOREVER and their babies. It was SO fun! Here are Hayden and Marlie getting to know each other.
And Matt and Parks. These two are so handsome. Look out ladies! Matt just listed all his friends that he wants to come to his birthday party this evening and then he said...and don't forget Parks! Doug and I thought that was adorable. Maybe they will be college roommates one day.
Marlie and Hayden convinced Davis to get in their boat. He is adorable too. In a few years these girls will be fighting over him!
Thanks guys we had a great time! Hopefully we can do that again soon!