Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Halloween in our neighborhood never disappoints.  Matt asked how many more years he could trick-or-treat and I told him as many as he wants as long as he had a good costume!!

Matt wanted to be something scary so he was beyond excited when he found a zombie football player costume!! I wasn't sure about the scary thing but he had so much fun with it that in the end I liked it too. 
We tried so hard to convince Marlie to be the zombie cheerleader but she said it was too scary.  She wasn't really too excited about anything.  We looked online, we went to the store and she finally found this "lovely leopard" costume.  When she put it on her eyes lit up and she was ready to go!!
 Even though this was the first year of not matching I thought they were both really cute!  
We party hopped a bit this year.  First we headed to the Triche's to catch up with them.  I always love to see the costumes the girls pick out.  They were all so cute! The boys were too busy playing football that I couldn't convince them to stop for a picture. 
Then we headed to the Patton's house.  It was super cute...their grandparents sort of disappeared and then we heard a knock on the front door.  They had snuck out and dressed up as sock monkeys! The girls thought it was hilarious! 
After dinner, more football and cupcake decorating, we headed out! It was pretty much impossible to corral all the kids for a picture but we got a fairly good one...and with the sock monkeys too!
After years of trying I finally convinced zombie football player and Jeter (aka Caden Wellmann) that if they took their time, the fun would last longer.  These two and Marlie and Avery strolled from house to house so it was much easier for the adults to keep up! 
Marlie was so excited to see Ashdin along the way.  We're so glad they are truly IN our neighborhood now!
Nene was our official candy hander outer until the kids came home...then they took over! They love handing out candy!
Overall it was a great night with friends and we just love seeing the kids all dressed up.  Can't wait to do it again next year!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Fall Fun

I just love the fall Saturdays, pumpkin patches, fall festivals and pumpkin weather that is so beautiful that we can be outside without melting! 

While Doug and I were in DC for a work event, Nene took the kids to the pumpkin patch.  As always they loved it and managed to find a few odd pieces to bring home!
We had lots of fun carving pumpkins too. They loved pulling the guts out of the pumpkin although Marlie kept complaining about the smell!!
We tried harder patterns this year.  Mom & Dad had to help some but the kids did a lot of it on their own.  It will be fun to keep this tradition up and see if we can do better each year!  I'm not looks like Matt is pumpkin stabbing, not pumpkin carving!!!
Both pumpkins turned out really cute and the kids were very excited!! Marlie hasn't wanted anything to do with anything scary this Halloween but wanted to take a scary picture with her cute pumpkin???

Matt has been all about "scary" this Halloween.  So he and Dad went to the store and bought a giant Grim Reaper blowup for the yard.  The boys put it up and Matt had Marlie close her eyes and he walked her right in front of it.  It was so cute watching it all take place.  Marlie screamed when she opened her eyes and then they had fun taking silly pictures in front of it! These moments are what I live for!! 
And so many wonderful Moms from our school put on the best school County Fair ever!!! We only had about an hour or so before soccer Saturday started but we managed to take some pics with a few special people...Mrs. Gommels our favorite 2nd grade teacher...
and Coach A...our PE Coach, but more so an amazing role model for the kids here at Fall Creek Elementary.   
The kids got to climb the rock wall and do flips on this cool bouncy thing.  I wanted to try it but 1)thought it would be weird to be the only adult trying it and 2) I'm sure I would have hurt something. 
I hope everyone is having a great fall and enjoying the season with their families!