Thursday, June 16, 2011

Marlie is 4!

My baby is 4!  I can handle this one, but next year on June 11th you can bet on me being a complete disaster! I have taken the lead from another great friend and this year we are having a joint birthday party for the kids in July.  So today was just our day to have fun.  We started the morning off getting pedis!  I know that's insane, but if you read my blog post from last year I took Marlie once and she LOVES getting her toenails polished.  She has been asking to go back so I promised we'd do it for her birthday.  Her friend Lauren came with us and Lauren's Mom and I had so much fun too! 
We "lunched" at Chick-fil-A and then we were off to our friend Avery's bday party.  When it was time for cake I noticed Avery's Mom, Heather had a small extra cake.  I thought maybe it was Avery's very own cake (like the kind you get your 1 year old) but then I realized it said "Happy Birthday Marlie".  That was the sweetest thing and Marlie talked about it all night! Thank you so much Heather. 

Nene joined us for dinner and I made special M&M cupcakes. I let the kids decorate some too which they really enjoyed.  When Marlie blew out the candle I asked if she made a wish.  She said "I wish we could all stay together forever" and if that wasn't cute enough she looked at each one of us when she said it.  Our hearts were mush!
We opened a few gifts afterwards.  Marlie got some clothes and leotards and a new bike from Mom & Dad.  Matt was so excited to give her a pink soccer ball.  When she opened the card from Nene she was excited that there was money in it!  The first thing she said was "I can put this in the basket at church!".  So maybe as parents we are doing something right??  She is a very special kid with a very big heart!  Marlie we love you SOOOO much!  We thank God every day for you, even when you're a little feisty!!
On Sunday we were in for another treat.  We went with the McCready's out on their beautiful (and spotless I might add) boat.  The kids had fun and we did too!  Thanks McCready's for an awesome day! Matt and Hannah picked on each other and I thought it was hilarious because most of the time she would outsmart him.  Hannah also takes VERY good care of Marlie.  It's awesome.  Marlie & Hayden had fun too!  I'm totally thinking arranged marriages here...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Baseball - Spring 2011

I found the perfect song for this post and for some reason my music won't start when you open the blog!  So scroll to the bottom and hit play.  Then you can read this!  HA!

Matt and the rest of the family are so sad that baseball season is over!!  We had a fun year!! 

This year we played with a league here in Humble.  It was coach pitch and Joel decided he was going to coach.  It was a draft so we were lucky to get picked on Joel's team.  Dad decided to help and we were all set to go!  We were the Diamondbacks and we met a whole group of new friends! Matt was Lucky 7 baby!
Matt did so well that we tried to get everyone to come up and watch!  Grandpa drove up from SA several times just for the game.  And even cousin Tim came to watch too!
Matt did really well!  He played short stop most games.  He only struck out a few times all season and the first time he did, he held back his tears and hustled right back to the dugout.  We couldn't have been more proud. 
I forced myself to take a few videos.  Sorry you will get sea sick watching these.  Look at how focused he is!  Matt wasn't the best on his team but there wasn't a kid that tried harder. Coach Dan nicknamed him 110.  We nicknamed him "Tucker" because he is ALWAYS tucking in his shirt.  One of the Dad's said Matt was the only kid on the field who had every part of his uniform in the right spot...even the dirt!  Matt doesn't like Tucker so I guess it might not stick!

The kids learned a ton this year.  Coach Joel did great teaching them fundamentals and Dad worked with Matt a lot.  He made some great plays, caught a pop up and scored at almost every at bat.  Honestly I embarrassed myself.  I couldn't stop yelling at the games.  It was all positive but I couldn't stand to keep quiet which made taking a video extremely difficult!! Our team ended up 7-5 which was great.  3 of those games we lost by 1 run and probably should have won them.  The kids wanted to know the score at all times and wanted to win.  I didn't realize they had such a fire at this age.

Matt, we couldn't be more proud of you!  And I couldn't be more thankful to have such a wonderful Coach, and wonderful Dad and wonderful parents and kids to be around! You can see a few more pics in the slide show!