Friday, March 6, 2015

My classical guitarist!!!

It makes me so happy that my kids have been able to take guitar lessons from my sweet friend Kristi Houlton.  She is an amazing teacher and the kids have been taking lessons once a week for a couple of years now.  It was recital time and I couldn't wait to hear all the kids play. 

Matt is learning more complicated pieces now and I think he's getting really good.  I'm not a fan of cooking so when I have to, I ask Matt to practice at the same time and I enjoy listening while I cook!! His first piece was Minuet by Mozart. 
His second piece was Light & Dark which was my favorite!  I like how at the end how he tries to hide an "I did it" smile!  Matt played this at school for his classmates and they liked it too.  He was pretty excited about that. 
Marlie did really well too!  She seems to pick up music much easier, probably because she loves to sing and dance!!  Her first piece was Green Holm Jig.
Kristi let the kids pick out their recital pieces this year and Marlie chose to play an Arpeggio Study which was really hard.  She practiced a lot the week before recital and I think she played it well!! 
Last but not least, the kids got to play a duo together again.  Playing together requires them to listen to the other person while playing their music.  It's not easy.  There is usually a lot of arguing and a lot of laughing while they practice at home.  For this piece, they would always nod their head at the end and then die laughing.  I'm not sure why it was so funny but the first time Marlie was on the floor laughing.  So I was glad at the recital that they managed to stay in "recital mode" and hold it together! Here they are playing Friends!
It was also neat to see all the other kids play too.  Many of the kids are friends from the neighborhood and it's amazing how well they are all progressing.  Thank you Kristi for sharing your love of music and for planning such a great recital!