Saturday, December 7, 2013

San Diego Official Pictures

If you read my blog you know that we went to San Diego with the Hatter's just before school started.  I wanted Nicole to take some family pictures for us but didn't want her to have to "work" on vacation so I was so happy that she offered to do it for us!  We definitely had fun and the beach and sunset were absolutely amazing.  Here are some of my favorites...
  I love this one because for some reason Marlie is laughing so hard.  It's adorable !
 And I love this one because the look on Matt's face is SO serious!
Nicole also captured one of my favorite moments...the girls were busy building sand castles and then so bravely decided on their own that they wanted to boogie board in that cold water.  They laughed and had so much fun! We enjoyed watching them too!
It was such a wonderful trip and I'm so thankful to Nicole for capturing my little people's smiles.  There are some other cute pics in the slide show!