Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Don't You Want Some Bunny To Love?

Easter is such a special holiday.  As with Christmas, often times we forget what we're celebrating.  But Marlie knew that Jesus died and rose on the third day.  Sister Mary taught her well!  The kids also decided to give up gum for lent and when I forgot and asked Marlie if she wanted some she said, "Mom I gave up gum for lent."  Now first Matt thought about giving up chocolate but when Dad told him that meant Oreos, chocolate ice cream, etc, he said "maybe I'll give up vanilla".  Somehow they both decided on gum which is good because they ask for gum every time we hop in the car. 

We went to the Movie Tavern and saw HOP with a bunch of friends.  The kids couldn't wait to paint eggs so we came home and did that too.  We made every color we could and even made some glitter ones too.  They had a blast!
We had a quick, but really fun weekend in SA with the entire family.  Matt woke up early to go potty and found his basket.  He was SO excited.  Marlie...not so much.  Maybe she was so tired from not sleeping and punching me in the face all night (I don't know how you crazy parents sleep with your kids but your missing out on some great sleep!).  And it was Matt who was so excited about the Easter egg hunt.  He couldn't wait!
And here are all the cousins getting ready for the hunt.  We missed Tim in the first picture so I had to take another of him and Matt.  Since these are the only boys they have so much fun together.  It will be fun to watch them as they get older.  They already had a blast playing Tball in the backyard.  Matt got to "coach" and he loved that.  Later T said, "Matt I love you".  How cute is that? 
We had a really great Easter and I hope you did too!  We got to swing by the Hatters house on our trip and see them for a bit and that was just icing on the cake.  They are way too fun and we always have so many funny things to talk about.  We love you guys!  

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blog Slump - Need Prayers

No I don't need prayers for my blog slump. Let me explain.  There are 3 important women in my life that need prayers.  I've been busy lately trying to turn worry into prayer.  I don't think I've prayed this much in my life.  But I'll keep doing it. 

If you read my blog you know Melissa, Caden's Mom.  Melissa was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer in February.  When she told me I immediately got a knot in my stomach.  I remained somewhat composed until we got in the car and I lost it.  I lost my appetite and couldn't sleep.  Imagine how she felt?  Fast forward to now.  Her PET scan showed the cancer only in one spot.  Huge blessing.  She had a lumpectomy last Wednesday and will start chemo in a few weeks.  This will most likely be followed by a double mastectomy and reconstruction.  It's a long road ahead, but she's being strong and positive.  The positive of this is that we got to kidnap Caden on Sunday and the boys had fun.  Caden is really sweet to Marlie too.  Please keep Melissa and her family in your prayers! We want them to be ready for another trip to Great Exuma next year!!

You also know Traci, Hannah and Hayden's Mom, from my blog too.  Traci's sister, Tami, passed away a little over a week ago from cancer.  She was 43 and had 5 girls.  Matt and I have been praying for "Hannah's Aunt Tami" for so long now.  She has been sick for some time.  That night when Matt prayed that she get better I had to tell him something.  So I told him that his prayers worked.  That she is better because in Heaven no one is sick.  And in Heaven she can be the Mom she wants to be and watch over her girls.  I told him that now we have to pray for Ms. Melissa and keep Ms. Stephanie on our list.  He asked lots of questions and I didn't use the word "cancer" but explained about them having "bad cells" in their body that we have to pray go away!! 

Traci is back in Houston now.  I haven't had a chance to talk to her much and I'm not sure if she's ready to talk.  It broke my heart because when she did talk about Tami I could always tell that Traci was so hopeful.  Even the last few weeks when Tami was on life support.  Please keep Tami's family and Traci in your prayers!
And lastly, if you haven't read my blog posting from last December about the "Pink Christmas" you should read it! Ms. Stephanie had surgery to remove the cancer that had moved into one of her lungs.  She has been waiting to start chemo but her white blood cell counts have been too low.  She was back at MDA this week.  I texted her that morning praying for better cell counts.  She texted me back that they had found three more spots on her lower left lung.  My heart sank. 

I don't know if I have the right words to describe Stephanie.  When you see her, you would never know she has Stage IV breast cancer.  Her face almost glows...she has the best skin and looks angelic.  She's always running around with her 2 small children.  She is always concerned about others.  She has been a huge blessing for Melissa in giving her advice.  I'm so happy they know each other.  When I go to visit and take her food or little surprises she always has something for me too.  She is my inspiration to keep moving forward no matter what life throws at you.  I am a better person for knowing her and I thank God everyday.
It's been a very emotional few months.  In a way it has helped me to get perspective on life.  I worry less about the small bumps in the road.  However, I also find I am insensitive to people that complain about the little things or people who are just plain mean.  I have lost my patience with my little ones because sometimes they fight over the smallest, most ridiculous things.  I'm trying to do better with that one because in their world those things are important.  I've learned to pray better...yes more meaningful prayers. 

What has kept a smile on my face while trying to support these ladies are my wonderful friends.  There are my daily "quick" emails from Laura and Jenny who always make me laugh. My walks with Heather every night help to get any stress out and talk through ideas.  These girls are supporting all 3 of these women too so we can share in our heart breaks and in the blessings of our lives.  My Mom has taken the lead with Team Stephanie and I know through our team she will be well taken care of.  And my coworker Ann who reminds me to keep praying.  Thank you ladies!! 

Peace & Blessings to you all!  Please keep these amazing women and their families in your prayers.