Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A GREAT Football Season

We are so busy these days that I can't seem to keep up with this blog!  I am a few weeks behind but couldn't pass up sharing these pictures!

Football...I should specify...flag football season ended a few weeks ago and the Cowboys (no we didn't get a choice) ended the season 6-1-1.  Coach T and Coach Geoff led the team and Matt had the time of his life!  The league was 1st and 2nd graders.  We were mostly 1st graders and were small but scrappy! It doesn't look like these kids could play football but we rocked it!
Matt played a little of every position which was nice.  He played quarterback,
running back,
and receiver. 
He threw a few touchdown passes, caught a few and ran for a few.  He was great on offense but I think he really shined on defense.  He pulled so many flags it was crazy.  The first pic is priceless because he's about to grab Alex's flag...Alex is a great athlete that also lives in Fall Creek and these two go toe-to-toe in soccer every year. I love the look on Matt's face in the second pic below.  And the third pic I like how he always grabs the flag and holds it up like "got it, stop trying to run". 
And he got 3 interceptions, one he ran back for a touchdown. 
Coach T described Matt as "tenacious" and Mrs. Coach T said that she's going to put together his highlight film when he's a senior in high school!  They are a great family and boy does Matt love Coach T! I was going to say that it was nice that Doug could "relax" and not coach but I think he still yelled as much as if he were coaching.  He said he was the "press box"!
If Matt could pick 1 sport to play, football would be it.  He's still asking to play tackle football and the answer is still no.  He sees plenty of action in flag football and it's fun to play on a team with all of our friends.  Most of the kids play on our soccer team too!
Even the little sisters enjoy hanging out together on the sidelines...
What a fun season!  Thank you to Coach T, Mrs. Coach T and Coach Geoff.  Such great kids and great families. We can't wait until next year!