Friday, September 5, 2014

Matt's 9th Birthday - Houston Food Bank

Matt loved Marlie's birthday party at Lunches of Love.  When we got home he said "Mom that was so much fun can I do that for my birthday?" With a big smile I said sure!

Let me first start by saying that I can't believe Matt is 9! While I want so bad for him to stop getting older I love the little man he's become.  I love that he is so organized and helps me so much at home! We couldn't get out the door in the mornings without his help. I love that he really cares about his friends and has had the same best friend since he was 3.  I love that he tries so hard at everything (except for singing).  I love to watch him play sports...any sport!  I love to hear him play the guitar because he's actually gotten really good at it. It makes me laugh (just a little and after I've chewed him out) that he gets in trouble at school for talking because at home Marlie does all the talking for everyone! I pray that God continues to surround him with teachers, coaches and friends like all of the wonderful people who joined us to volunteer for his birthday!

I wanted to find something different for Matt's birthday so we decided to volunteer at the Houston Food Bank.  In lieu of gifts we asked everyone to bring school supplies and peanut butter.  The neatest thing happened while we were getting our items for the HFB.  We were at Walmart (just to note...I hardly ever go to Walmart because no one in the entire store seems friendly) and Matt had a full cart of school supplies he had picked out.  We were headed to buy peanut butter when a man and woman walked by and she said laughing "are those all for you?" Matt smiled and explained what they were for.  She opened her wallet and took out $30 and gave it to him to by extra peanut butter.  The man with her then reached into his wallet and gave him another $30! I was shocked and Matt was super excited.  We thanked them several times and they were kind enough to take a picture so we could remember what a sweet couple they were!
We did a project called Operation Backpack where we packed bags with lots of different food items that get delivered to kids in need on Fridays so they have food for the weekend! We had tons of packs to assemble and it required lots of effort on everyone's part.  Here are a few videos of our assembly line:
The kids did great! Most of them actually worked really hard for 2 straight hours! 
  And a few of them stood around helping but doing a lot of talking and looking cute!
The parents did even better and we're so thankful for all the parents that helped too.  Especially the tiers at the end of the assembly line who suffered on the job injuries. 
I'm not sure how many "backpacks" we packed but it was a ton!  Thank you all so much for working so hard!
We are so thankful that Ms. Gommels joined us and brought Ms. Spooner, a new Fall Creek teacher with her!  It was a nice surprise for Matt that you all came to help!
  Everyone brought a ton of supplies - look at all that was donated!!  Y'all are awesome!

Such a fun day. Happy Birthday Matt!   
On Matt's actual birthday we decided last minute to head to Waco to watch the Baylor Bears play their first game of the season.  But this was not just any was the first game in the new and fabulous McLane Stadium.  The stadium was amazing, the Bears won, the atmosphere was great and we got to see Robert Griffin III and hear him do the invocation which is just such a wonderful treat and great example for Matt.  It was a lovely evening!
And we got to see our brick that Daddy did for us!  Who knows if the kid's will go to Baylor but if so it's cool that this will be here for them.  And if they don't...well we'll save a lot of money! Happy 9th Birthday Matt.  We love you more than you'll ever know!  

Hooks Baseball

This post is way overdue but I didn't do a great job taking pictures this year so I was waiting to get as many as possible from friends and off of Doug's phone! 

Matt played with the Hooks baseball team again this year and the boys had a much better year!  A few faces changed but not many.  Matt primarily played first base again but also got to play a bit at third base and maybe had his best tournament when he played left center.  He played catcher a few times and that's always his favorite! The very last tournament of the season he also got to pitch an inning!! He did pretty well for his first time.  He did hit a kid in the shin but it wasn't too hard (thankfully) and the kid should have moved! Ha! He struck one kid out, another hit the ball directly back at him and he made a great play.  The last kid hit a great ball to third base and Caden made a great play and got him out at first.  So not too bad for his first time on the mound!

If I remember correctly...what are the odds of that?...the boys placed 2nd in their first tournament.  It was a great weekend in good ole Beaumont, TX except 20 minutes before the championship game ended, the temperature literally dropped 20 degrees, the wind picked up and it started pouring! So this is the only pic I got from the trophy ceremony which lasted maybe 2 minutes!
Here are a few other good pics of Matt from that tourney...
A few weeks later the boys played at Baseball USA and guess who won that tournament?  Our boys did! The boys played SO well.  Every kid on the team made a great play during the weekend.  It was so fun to watch and the boys were crazy excited! 
The Dads promised the boys they would do the harlem shake if they won a tournament.  This had to be one of my favorite memories of the year.  We all must have watched this 20+ times to make sure we saw each Dad and kid dance.  So maybe it's not a great "harlem shake" but it's a fabulous "Hooks Harlem Shake".  A special thanks to Coach Joel for the entertainment!

Good news, bad news...good news is that the boys played so well that they got moved up to Elite! Bad news is that now we're playing with the big boys and games just got much harder.  The boys struggled a bit playing elite teams but they sure tried. 
Coaches decided to end the season with a kid-pitch tournament because next year they move up to kid-pitch.  It was really for practice and I sort of assumed it would be pretty wild.  Well guess what...the Hooks won that tournament too!  Seriously?  Yes.  I was so proud of those boys. 
Matt congratulations on a great year!  What I like most about your team is all the high fives and chest bumps after someone makes a good play.  You won't win em all but you play hard and do a great job encouraging your teammates.  We are a proud family all in orange!