Monday, November 16, 2009

World Cup Champions - The Sharks

Well that's what their trophies say! Soccer season has come to a close and let me tell was SO fun! We started off with Matt not too interested but it wasn't long before he was in full soccer mode. The Sharks took a beating the first game. I mean a real beating. And after that game they completely dominated the remaining games. There was maybe 1 in there that was tough. Not that it matters with 3 and 4 year olds but my point is that these kids were clueless to start with and by the end of the season were SO good. There was no telling them which goal was ours or to kick it IN the goal. These kids were taking the ball down the field and whacking it in the goal. AND we played defense too! When the other team thought they had a breakaway we ran them down and kicked the ball away. We had an awesome goalie who literally dove on top of the ball even if the other team was kicking it. It was unreal. I was so proud of Matt and all of his teammates.

Here are some shots from the last game. I like this series of pictures...Matt and Caden going after the ball during practice...
And here are Matt and his teammates just having fun...who knows what Matt was saying!
The parents hosted an end of season party for the boys at our favorite Chick-fil-A. They were so excited about their trophies. Here are Matt and Evan showing it off!
And when we thought the season couldn't get any better....Coach Joel and his wife Melissa (and Caden too) hosted a party for the boys at their house after our last game. Let's just say that one day maybe someone will host a party like that for me! It was over the top fun for the boys and the parents. We ate pizza and had a great ice cream sundae bar. The kids bounced in the bounce house and played football. And to end the party a few swings at the soccer ball pinata. This was prep for tball next Spring! :) THANK YOU guys for all that you did.

Thank you to the parents who are all amazing! We are blessed to know you all!

Check out the slide show with more soccer pics!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkin Parmers

Well we love Halloween and pumpkin time in our house! Marlie's Godparents, Great Uncle Tony and Aunt Ruthie sent the kids John Deere boots a few months ago. We decided they would be John Deere farmers or as Marlie's says "parmers" and they looked SO cute!

They got to wear their costumes to the neighborhood Fall Festival. Of course we couldn't pass up the pony rides!
And of course we couldn't miss the pumpkin patch. The kids had a great time picking out their pumpkins. When we got home we decorated them with stickers which was less messy than carving and the kids loved it!

Matt had a party at school that was tons of fun. They started off by singing Halloween and pumpkin songs and it was SO cute. All the kids were in their costumes and it was awesome to see them all. Marlie had a parade at school. As usual she lasted about 30 seconds before she spotted me so Matt and I marched with her and we let Dad take pictures.

Then it was finally time for the Halloween! Our parmers got dressed and ready to go! Here they are showing off their boots! And Halloween was a blast!!!! We started at our neighbor's house who were so nice to have a party for all the kids. They had creepy snacks and the kids played and had so much fun. Then we were off to trick-o-treat! We met up with a few families in the neighborhood and were off! Matt definitely had the routine down this year. Marlie tried hard to keep up and did really well.

The adults had a blast too. Mr. Andy had their gator that was used to cart us around and also served as the adult bar. Mr. Kevin made his famous sangria and as you can imagine we had just as much fun as the kids!

Marlie decided she was ready to go home so we ended the night at our house handing out candy which the kids loved too. It was a great night!!! I can't wait for next year! You can check out the slide show for more pics!