Friday, June 24, 2016

End of Another School Year

It's amazing how fast the school year is. There is always so much excitement finding out how who our teachers are and what friends are in our classes. And next thing you know, you are with them on the last day saying goodbyes. 

4th grade went really well for Matt...minus the fact that he didn't enjoy being in the cabins (fancy name for portables!). He had 2 different teachers this year and both of them really challenged him. Mrs. Alfred taught math and science and Mrs. Whetzel, reading, language arts and social studies. 4th grade got to go to Austin for their field trip to visit the capital and the museum. I'm pretty sure the kids were more excited about the bus ride than actually visiting the capital!
When we toured the grounds of the capital we came upon this. So beautiful that this sits on the grounds of our state capital! This made my day. 
Matt also enjoyed being part of the choir, although I think he liked being with his friends and Mrs. Janes, not necessarily the singing part of it!! I mostly enjoyed their field trip to 2 nursing homes where they sang Christmas songs to the residents. The smiles on the resident's faces was priceless. 

Matt finished the year again with all "A's" and he was really proud of himself for that. He's still anxiously waiting for STAAR results to come in because he thinks he aced that too! We'll see if we ever get them. 

They didn't really have a true awards ceremony in their class this year. Each kid presented a project they did throughout the year and I was amazed at how well everyone presented. Matt got an award for successfully completing 4th grade (I mean let's hope so right?) and an award for choir. Again, not specifically for his voice, but for being a part of the choir! Thank you Mrs. Alfred for being Matt's homeroom teacher!
We were so thankful Marlie had Mrs. Smith for 3rd grade.  Matt had her last year and we just love her! Marlie was also very excited that so many of her friends were in her class. Mrs. Smith said multiple times that this was her favorite class and she's been teaching for several years!

Marlie also ended the year with all "A's" and she has a little competition going with Matt to see if she scored higher on the STAAR test.  Should be interesting to see how it all turns out. Marlie's class did a "kid's choice" awards ceremony which was so fun. The kids presented the awards and were so excited when their name was called and they got to walk down the red carpet! Marlie got the "Most Athletic Girl" award. Dad thought that was funny since she's the only girl in her class who doesn't play a sport. He doesn't realize that dance is just as much of a sport as any other!! I was also really proud of Marlie for getting the Music award for the entire 3rd grade class!!! That was so special! Thank you Mrs. Smith for your love, patience and dedication to these kids all year long. I'm still hoping you'll show up next year in 4th grade and Marlie's in your class again! 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Guitar Recital

Matt & Marlie had their year end guitar recital back in April. On this night I get to watch BOTH of my little people perform and it never lasts long enough. 

Marlie started off and performed 2 songs including one of my favorites, Light & Dark. She continues to improve and is sounding like a real classical guitarist! You can't hear very well in the video below (breaks my heart) but I'll post it anyway.  There is a pause between the two songs but it's quick!
Matt did really well too.  This was the first time he didn't seem nervous. He was very confident and played so well. 
Mrs. Kristi likes for them to practice playing together so they performed a duo as well.  At home there is usually a bit of fighting...someone's going too fast, someone's going too slow or not counting in right and on and on.  But they got up there and made that song look pretty easy as if they'd been practicing together just fine!
Mrs. Kristi announced that Matt scored a 100 on his music theory test that he took earlier in the year.  Marlie will get to take it next year. She also presented them with nice trophies for their performance and hard work. We can't thank you enough for working with them.  I'm amazed at how good they have gotten over the years and we love watching all your other students improve every year too.