Sunday, January 15, 2017

Merry Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! We started the Christmas season off going to the Christmas Show at Second Baptist. They put on an amazing production every year. My sweet friend Amanda and her family joined. It has been so neat to watch all these kids grow. Can't believe they started preschool together at St. Mary Magdalene 6 years ago! Marlie got to see her friends Tatum and Addie too!
Marlie is in the 4th grade choir this year and they performed their Christmas musical at 2 nursing homes in Kingwood and at school. I just love these girls and Mrs. Janes does a great job with their performances!
Marlie's friend Allaina always has the best Christmas party. The girls make their own aprons and make Christmas treats! Thank you to Momma Rita for always having this special event for the girls.
By far our favorite thing this Christmas was adopting a family. We got paired with this sweet family that we fell in love with. We were so happy we got to buy the kids desks for their rooms and buy each member of the family new and fun bedding! Thank you to Aldine Family Hope Center for allowing us to bless others.
Marlie and Khloe went painting for a little Christmas fun while they were out of school. They came back with a gingerbread woman and a gingerbread cat!
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were the usual at our house and I wouldn't want it any different. Christmas Eve mass followed by dinner, Christmas music, the gift card exchange and some gifts! We were excited about of our new pool gear for the pool that will be going in soon!
Christmas day is one of my favorite days of the year. After the excitement of the morning we have a relaxing day at home playing games and this year, making cookies! Marlie was most excited about getting a giant stuffed llama and a polaroid camera. Matt was excited about his first computer! Both also loved the unicorn farts that made it into their stockings!
We had some nice downtime between Christmas and New Years  so we decided to take the kids to Santa's Wonderland near College Station. They each brought a friend and Aunt Dani got to come too while her kids were visiting their Dad. It was fun and the lights were beautiful! We cheersed with smores and ate funnel cake!
 We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and may many blessings come our way in 2017!

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