Monday, January 2, 2017

Fall Musicale

We were so excited that Mrs. Kristi thought both kids were ready to perform in the Kingwood Fall Musicale! There are several 1 hour recitals throughout the day where the kids from our area get to perform. Matt and Marlie were the only guitar students in their recital. All the other kids played the piano and all of them were very good, and a few of them knocked it out of the park (I know nothing really about music but they were beyond amazing)! Zach and Zoe also played their piano pieces at this recital and did so well!

Both Matt and Marlie were really nervous. Matt got to participate in this last year so he knew what to expect but Marlie was REALLY nervous which surprised me because she dances her solo often in front of tons of people?? They warmed up and we got a few pics...
Marlie played Tango and I love this piece. She was a little rocky at the beginning and finished really well! She looked adorable and I was so proud of her. I hope she can try this again next year!
Matt played Aria and Gigue. You wouldn't know that he messed up a bit because he just kept playing and pulled it off really well. He looked so amazingly handsome in his suit too!
Thank you again to Mrs. Kristi for this opportunity. I sure we can do this again. It's fun to watch the kids improve each year. 

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