Friday, January 6, 2017

Dance is back, back again!

Here we go again! Marlie had her first dance competition before Christmas where she competed her solo for the first time. I wasn't sure if she was ready but thought it would be a good practice run before January. She did great!

Ms. Clara is off to college so Marlie is working with Ms. Yvette. She picked the best song, Let Yourself Go, and Marlie is doing a super cute musical theater dance. I love the music, the choreography and Yvette designed and stoned Marlie's costume and it is gorgeous too!

Marlie had her very dear friend Tatum with her at this first competition and I think that's why she did so well. The girls enjoyed warming up together and just had a lot of fun! I told Marlie that I didn't care what her scores were or if she placed because I thought it was a great first competition. Well she ended up placing and she was very excited about that. She even got a tiara! Looking forward to watching you dance this year tiny dancer!

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