Wednesday, September 6, 2017

First Day of School

As usual summer flies by and it was time for school to start. However, Hurricane Harvey came in with a bang and slowed us down quite a bit. Although completely sad by the devastation to our city and several of our friend's homes, we got to spend a little time together at home and the kids were fine with school starting late!

Matt is in 6th grade this year at Woodcreek Middle School. No walking him into class on the first day but I did sit in my car at the bus stop to make sure he got on. This was his first time on the bus. The bus was supposed to come around 7:45am but didn't show up until about 8:15am due to all the first day of school traffic. The kids cheered when it rounded the corner. I knew Matt was going to be so nervous showing up late on the first day but he rolled with it and all went well.

This is Marlie's last year at Fall Creek Elementary. She's a 5th grader now and we are excited that she will be in Mr. Austin's class. Not sure why these pictures always get me choked up but aren't these not-so-little people adorable?

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